Career Development

Our staff encourages students to participate in extracurricular clubs and organizations to expose themselves to their field of interest as soon as possible. Along the way, staff members remind students to seek out informational interviews, job shadowing opportunities and career fairs to build their network.

The office provides free critiques and mock interviews so graduates are prepared to show potential employers that a Benedictine degree is confirmation that they have the requisite knowledge, experience and leadership skills to hit the ground running.

Among the services the Office of Career Development offers are:

• One-on-One Counseling includes individual appointments for students and alumni to discuss careers and other facets of the job search such as resume writing, interviewing and using social media. In addition, assessments are used to identify career interests and strengths.

• Career Resource Library houses career books on different occupations, types of jobs and salaries, as well as other resources containing company information, job listings and more.

• Networking Opportunities connect with more than 23,000 alumni nationally and internationally to network and discuss the job search process.

• Job Postings access hundreds of employers and online job applications. This is a special service only accessible to alumni through a partnership with 23 other small private universities. In addition, Career Search is offered as an online tool with access to more than 4 million companies across the nation.

• Virtual Services include Skype appointments, job postings access, electronic registration for events and interviews through the College Central website.

• Social Media messaging for posting full-time employment opportunities and internships to followers.

• Career Seminars and Programs: A series of workshops and seminars to students and alumni.

• Internship Program: Student development of professional skills in their chosen career field while providing the valuable work experience needed in an economically challenging workplace.

• Job Fairs: Career Development holds numerous career and internship fairs throughout the year.

An education that pays ranked Benedictine University among the top 25 most affordable Catholic colleges and universities in the country with the highest starting salaries earned by graduates. Benedictine graduates earn an average starting salary of $40,000, according to the website.

What our students say about Benedictine’s Career Development:

“I was looking for a part-time job and approached (the Office of Career Development). I found a job posting there for an internship at McDonald’s in the Corporate Tax department. That was the job that started my career. The staff not only helped me identify the opportunity, they also prepared me for how to successfully interview for the job.”

– Laura Smetters, Accounting, C01, M.B.A.’05
U.S. Tax Manager, McDonald’s Corporation
Elk Grove, Illinois

“I view my education and experience at Benedictine as a key piece of the foundation needed to weather the different life experiences I have encountered since graduating. In my time at Benedictine, I learned it is imperative to set goals that appear unattainable as that is the only way to challenge oneself. “

– Diane Moore-Enos, C96, Nutrition
Vice President, Professional Development and Assessment
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Plainfield, Ill.

“The University prepared me academically and intellectually, while at the same time being intimate enough to equip me with the confidence to go out and execute what I learned.”

– Mario Parker, C05, Communication Arts
Writer/Reporter, Bloomberg Businessweek
Chicago, Ill.

Students can choose from more than 40 student-led organizations in which to apply leadership skills, volunteer and serve the community, or further pursue their academic or career interests outside of class.

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Student Voices:
“Since the first time I visited, I knew Benedictine was the right school for me. The admissions and financial aid staff were very friendly and opening particularly with my family situation with my mother being diagnosed with breast cancer over the summer. They let me know about all of the different scholarship opportunities that I was able to apply for and found every way to help me when I made a late decision to attend Benedictine. They were so personable and really lent a helping hand.”