The Benedictine Promise

Benedictine University promises its students an affordable and attainable undergraduate and graduate education infused with the Benedictine values, faculty who make student learning their first priority, a support system dedicated to their success, comprehensive preparation to enter the job market, and a diverse, caring community in which they can become better learners, better leaders and better world citizens. Student learning and success is our first priority.

Affordable and Attainable

Comparable Value
When compared nationally by region, Benedictine's tuition, fees and room and board costs are about 30 percent less than the highest average private nonprofit four-year college in the United States, according to a 2014-2015 published tuition and fee costs report by College Board on "Trends in College Pricing." On average, students borrow less than $20,000 in federal student loans to complete a Benedictine undergraduate degree. The national average student loan debt for 2013 graduates is $35,000, according to a CNNMoney Report.

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Committed to Assisting Students
Benedictine University is committed to serving a diverse student body as well as seeking students who may believe they cannot afford a private education. More than 94 percent of incoming freshmen at Benedictine receive some form of financial aid. But what may be more surprising is that more than 98 percent of these freshmen receive institutional grants – that’s free money that does not have to be repaid. And of this 98 percent, Benedictine students receive more than $10,000 each in free University aid.

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Where does your tuition go? 
Unlike public universities, which are partially subsidized by tax revenues, many private universities like Benedictine – which do not have substantial endowments or a large pool of major donors and are nonprofit institutions – rely predominately on tuition dollars to cover the cost of providing an education. So where do your tuition dollars go?

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Career Success and Leadership

Career Development
Preparing students for graduation is not the only role of a college or university. Benedictine University believes we must also prepare students for life.

The Office of Career Development offers comprehensive services to assist students and alumni in developing, implementing and evaluating career and life plans. Career Development promotes personal and professional development by utilizing a holistic approach to achieving career goals, providing a foundation to becoming a self-directed learner, and educating throughout the career planning process.

This is accomplished through collaboration with students, alumni, faculty and employers, and a commitment to empowering students and alumni to be active participants in their own career development process. Services are offered to students and alumni, free of charge. 

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Benedictine students don’t have to wait until they find an internship, part-time job or earn their degree to list career experience and skills on a resume. Students can choose from more than 40 student-led organizations in which to apply leadership skills, volunteer and serve the community, or further pursue their academic or career interests outside of class. 

Students can invest more than $200,000 of the University’s money in the stock market through the Investment Club. They can advocate for their peers as members of the Student Senate or write for the award-winning student newspaper, The Candor

The Office of Student Engagement and Leadership Development offers multiple opportunities for students to build their leadership skills through a series of introductory conferences, workshops and activities designed to foster an understanding of the multiple ways in which students can develop their talents, serve and make a positive impact on society.

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Student, Alumni and Faculty Voices
Sydney Caldwell, sophomore, Diagnostic Medical Sonography. 
(Received the St. Benedict Award, Benedictine Grant, Illinois MAP Grant, Phi Theta Kappa Award)

“Since the first time I visited, I knew Benedictine was the right school for me. The admissions and financial aid staff were very friendly and open, particularly with my family situation with my mother being diagnosed with breast cancer over the summer. They let me know about all of the different scholarship opportunities that I was able to apply for and found every way to help me when I made a late decision to attend Benedictine. They were so personable and really lent a helping hand.”

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Benedictine Values

We are committed to giving our students – who come to Benedictine from diverse backgrounds, religions and beliefs – opportunities to grow academically, personally and spiritually. 

A liberal arts core prepares all undergraduate students to participate fully within a diverse and dynamic society by balancing their rights and duties as individuals with the demands of the common good. 

As a strong faith-filled community that espouses Catholic values, Benedictine seeks to prepare students for a lifetime of success and service. 

Whether attending Mass and other religious services, seeking out pastoral counseling, organizing retreats, participating in interfaith activities or learning to give back to others, we are committed to helping students pursue a path that will lead them to a more purpose-filled and rewarding life. 

Students can learn more about the University’s tradition of service and giving back through a variety of service-oriented activities organized through the Office of University Ministry, such as volunteering in local food pantries or by serving in some of the most destitute, but culturally rich communities of the world in places like the Philippines and Bolivia. 

While we are Catholic, not all of our students are. Student backgrounds range from many different Christian denominations, Judaism, Islam, Hindu and other faiths, as well as ethnicity and values systems. Together, all are respected and encouraged to work together, because all have something to contribute as part of the larger world community in which we all live.  

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Academic Programs

Benedictine University prepares students for leadership roles in their communities and the world by providing them with a well-rounded, liberal arts education rich in the Catholic tradition and steeped in the Benedictine values, including an appreciation for living and working in community, a concern for the development of each person and a commitment to academic excellence.

These values are infused throughout our curriculum, whether a student is a first-year Health Science major, an adult seeking to enhance his value in the workforce, or a busy professional who is returning to the classroom after a long absence to earn a graduate degree that will put them on the path to a more rewarding career.

Benedictine University is known for outstanding programs in science, business, health, education and the liberal arts. Forbes magazine recently ranked us among “America’s Top Colleges” for the third consecutive year. Our expert faculty (87 percent with the highest degrees in their field), comprehensive courses, meaningful majors, small class sizes and a low student-to-faculty ratio challenge and invigorate students.

Benedictine University offers traditional undergraduate majors ranging from Graphics Arts and Design and Music to Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and Global Studies, and we are continually adding new programs like Business with Science Applications and Business Analytics to give our students the greatest chance for professional success and personal fulfillment.

We also offer a range of adult and graduate programs, including a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) program that is ranked by Crain’s Chicago Business as the Sixth largest in the Chicago area, and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)/Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.) in Values-Driven Leadership that embraces and promotes ethical practice, social contribution and environmental impact.

At Benedictine, student learning and success is our first priority.

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Future Students

Traditional Undergraduate and Transfer Students

Memorizing mathematical equations and the names of all the Caesars from Augustus to Tiberius II Constantine may have its uses in polite dinner conversation, but Benedictine University believes that an undergraduate education must do more. It must prepare students for life.

Benedictine University promises its students an affordable and attainable undergraduate education infused with the Benedictine values, faculty who make students’ learning their first priority, a support system dedicated to their success, comprehensive preparation to enter the job market, and a caring community in which they can become better learners, better leaders and better world citizens.

We promise undergraduate and transfer students a curriculum that teaches them to be critical- thinkers, problem-solvers and lifelong learners – skills that are invaluable in life and irreplaceable in the workplace. At Benedictine University, students get to know their professors, and their professors get to know them.

At Benedictine, our students attend leadership conferences, serve as leaders and members of more than 40 clubs and organizations, participate in fun activities such as Carnival and Spring Fest, take Pilates classes in our new multimillion-dollar fitness center, play sports in the renovated Rice Center arena, and experience the world firsthand by traveling outside the United States.

Students also get to know members of the school’s support staff and alumni – from company presidents to medical center residents – who share their stories of success and triumph and serve as a resource on our students’ transition from college to career professional.

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Adult Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral Programs
Benedictine’s Adult Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral programs are designed to meet the needs of working professionals seeking an educational edge. The University provides flexible coursework with evening and weekend classes taught by experts who are practicing professionals. Benedictine’s doctoral programs in Values-Driven Leadership and Organization Development are nationally and internationally recognized programs run by leaders in the field, and our Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) program is ranked by Crain’s Chicago Business as the fifth largest in the Chicago area.

Curriculum is values-based, hands-on and promises to challenge students in practical, real-world scenarios aimed at inspiring the next generation of global leaders who are infused with the Benedictine values. Graduates are prepared to lead within their organizations or become innovative entrepreneurs who will successfully integrate within the world market while adding social value that makes a difference.

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National Moser Center for Adult Learning
The National Moser Center for Adult Learning was established to expand the reach to more nontraditional adult undergraduate and graduate students and provide them with Benedictine’s strong values-based education curriculum. By proactively analyzing workforce needs, technological capability and delivery methods, the National Moser Center promises to provide adult students throughout the country with accessible, affordable and applicable private higher education opportunities.

Students can take advantage of employer relationships that can help increase convenience and accessibility to class sites. The rigorous problem-based curriculum will better prepare students for leadership roles within organizations and help program graduates keep pace with the constantly evolving business world.

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President's Message

Dear Friend of Benedictine University,

In its most recent survey of national enrollment trends, The Chronicle of Higher Education recognized Benedictine University as the fastest-growing campus among private nonprofit research institutions in America. Benedictine University's enrollment increased 142.5 percent during the 10-year period cited. And we haven't stopped growing.


We believe it is because of the promise we make to our students.

At Benedictine University, we promise our students an education infused with the Benedictine values – among which are a tradition of hospitality and concern for the well-being of others. Our students receive personal attention from dedicated faculty. They are supported by academic advisors committed to their success. They are better prepared to enter the job market. They are part of a diverse, caring community.

We promise our students an education that is affordable. Our counselors work with students and their families to exhaust all possible means of financial aid, including loans, grants, campus employment and scholarships. We continue to aggressively seek alumni and friends of the University willing to share their treasure with students so that the dream of a Benedictine education can be realized by present and future generations.

We also promise our students that we will not cut back on student services, academic programs and building. We will continue to move forward and grow. If we are going to prepare students to be competitive leaders in the workplace, if we are going to provide them with a values-based, Catholic and Benedictine education, we cannot afford to shortchange them.

Since our founding more than 128 years ago, Benedictine has sought to create better learners, better leaders and better world citizens. Student learning and success is our first priority.

That’s our promise to our students.

Keeping that promise is how we got to be the fastest-growing university in the country.


Michael S. Brophy, Ph.D.
President, Benedictine University