The Office of Student Engagement and Leadership Development helps students to reach their full potential by presenting leadership opportunities and ways to get involved on campus and within the community. Community involvement allows students the opportunity to expand their interest, learn important communication and leadership skills while meeting new people who share their interests.

The leadership program strives to develop students with an emphasis on leadership development. The art of leadership is practiced and learned through a combination of community service, coursework and experiential activities and roles. Activities include a summer program and spring and fall semester workshops that introduce students to leadership skill-building, professional branding, diversity, focus groups, career assessment, time management, communication as well as service trip opportunities.

The University encourages students to be involved in student groups and to volunteer with service organizations in the community. Doing so boosts students’ marketability when seeking internships and ultimately that first postgraduate job. Benedictine students are better prepared to enter the market because of the University’s commitment to providing a values-based liberal arts education that emphasizes integrating classroom theory with successful hands-on training. The University encourages hands-on learning and requires internships for many of its majors.

Students clubs are an excellent way to learn leadership skills and live out the Benedictine value of serving others. For a full list of current student organizations, click here.


Career Development:
Preparing students for graduation is not the only role of a college or university. Benedictine University believes we must also prepare students for life.

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Student Voices:
“Since the first time I visited, I knew Benedictine was the right school for me. The admissions and financial aid staff were very friendly and opening particularly with my family situation with my mother being diagnosed with breast cancer over the summer. They let me know about all of the different scholarship opportunities that I was able to apply for and found every way to help me when I made a late decision to attend Benedictine. They were so personable and really lent a helping hand.”