Father Kevin J. Sheeran, O.S.B. Textbook Program

The Fr. Kevin J. Sheeran, O.S.B., Textbook Program was created to help students in need to meet the cost of required texts for classes in which they are enrolled. Awards are based on eligibility criteria and supplement students’ existing financial aid resources.

The program is not intended to be used as a substitute for appropriate fiscal planning, financial aid, student employment or other means of assistance. Students are encouraged to pursue student employment opportunities through the University and seek assistance from the Office of Financial Aid regarding loans and other forms of assistance that may be available.

Funding through the textbook program is limited. There are no guarantees that every applicant will qualify for a textbook award or that any funds received will be sufficient to cover the full cost of textbooks. Funds received through the program are limited to the purchase of required text materials identified in course syllabi. Recipients are required to submit a bookstore receipt to ACE and agree to the terms of a textbook return process. 

Before completing an application for textbook assistance, please be sure that you have done the following: 
  • Completed the FAFSA for the current academic year. 
  • Supplied the Office of Financial Aid with any and all documents required to complete your financial aid award package. 
  • Accepted all forms of aid offered, including loans. 
  • Submitted an application for a PLUS loan, if applicable. 
  • Verified that you do not qualify for a textbook voucher. 
Failure to complete any of the above actions will delay or deny consideration of your application for assistance. For additional information, please contact ACE or complete the application packet

The Textbook Lending Library is handled through the library on the Lisle main campus. For more information, please contact the library at ben.edu/library or call (630) 829-6050.
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Goodwin Hall, Room 214
8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m
For additional information, contact ACE@ben.edu or (630) 829-6041.