Organizations and Activities
Social Science Research Consortium

The Department of Political Science provides rigorous and well-rounded undergraduate training in Pre-law, American Politics, Comparative Politics, and International Relations.

The Social Science Research Consortium (SSRC) is an interdisciplinary group whose aim is to produce and teach about quality research in the fields of Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. Founded in 2010 by Drs. Phillip Hardy, Kelly Kandra, and Brian Patterson, and with a growing number of undergraduate student members, SSRC also has as one of its goals the review and critique of emerging and 'classic' experimental, survey-based, and small sample studies across a range of disciplines in the social sciences.

SSRC is currently nearing completion of two research projects. The first, a politics and technology survey of high school and college students, is nearing completion of the data collection phase, a project in which Psychology major Julie Fossel assisted. The second, a very recent investigation of the Occupy Chicago protests, saw undergraduate Political Science majors Abdul Abufilat and Thais Molina and Psychology major Jenifer Biggs accompany faculty researchers into the field to survey the Occupy protesters. This latter project has received some coverage in the Chicago-area press.

As SSRC continues to develop, both faculty and student members hope to build on these recent research successes with a series of 'brown bag' lunch discussions about a variety of relevant subjects. SSRC invites any interested faculty member or student from Benedictine University to consider joining. For more information, please contact:

Dr. Kelly Kandra

Dr. Brian Patterson

Dr. Phillip Hardy