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Current Students
Human Resources Management Certificates
Our students represent a diverse spectrum of working professionals seeking to grow academically, personally and professionally. We offer a breadth of program options specifically designed for adult learners to develop essential problem-solving and critical thinking skills beyond specific discipline content.
Program Description - Human Resource Management Certificate

The Human Resource Management Certificate program is a six course, 18 credit hour program. The HRM
program is designed to meet the needs of those students interested in entering the field of Human
Resources as well as experienced HR professionals interested in expanding their knowledge and career
potential. This series focuses on the fundamental issues related to employee recruitment, training and
retention strategies, employee relations, performance appraisal, compensation and benefits, and
employment law.

Course Name
# Current Dates
Credits Weeks
Fundamentals of Human Resources Management
MGT 260 8/5/2013 - 9/8/2013
3 5
Instructor: Eugene_Frazier

This course will focus on: developing, contributing to, and supporting the organization's
mission, vision, values, strategic goals, and objectives; formulating policies; guiding and
leading the change process; and evaluating HR's contributions to organizational effectiveness.

Required textbook (s) and materials (s)

Dessler, G. (2011). Human resources management. (12th ed.).

Ulrich, D., & Brockbank, W. (2005). The hr value proposition. (1st ed.).
ISBN 9781591397076

*Please note that the Human Resources Management text is used for all courses.

*Textbooks and syllabi are subject to change.

Employee Recruitment Strategies
MGT 262

9/9/2013 - 10/13/2013

3 5
Instructor: Nancy_Wood

This course will study the relationship between the role of Human Resources professionals and
the organization's strategic goals and business objectives related to human capital. The course
will explore a variety of recruitment strategies that assist in the development and execution of job
description, acquisition of qualified candidates and the implementation of progressive recruitment
techniques. Emphasis will be placed on Human Resource's contributions to organizational
competencies by guiding and leading the change process and evaluating its effectiveness through
the use of HR recruitment strategies and metrics.

Required textbook(s) and material(s)

Dessler, G. (2011).  Human resources management. (12th ed.).
ISBN 9780136089957

blankHarvard Business Essentials: Hiring and keeping the best people.
ISBN 9781578518753

*Textbooks and syllabi are subject to change.

Employee Performances and Appraisal Management
MGT 264 10/14/2013 - 11/17/2013
3 5

Instructor :Mark_Collins

This course will focus on developing, implementing and evaluating activities and programs that
address employee training and development, performance appraisal, talent and performance
management. Identify the unique needs of employees to ensure that the skills, knowledge,
behaviors and attributes are aligned, and the performance of the workforce meet current and
future needs of individuals and the organization.

Required textbook(s) and material(s)

Latham, G. & Wexley, K. (1994). Increasing productivity through performance appraisal. (2nd ed.).
ISBN 9780201514001

Dessler, G. (2011).  Human resources management. (12th ed.).
ISBN 9780136089957

*Textbooks and syllabi are subject to change.

Essentials of Compensation and Benefits
MGT 266 11/18/2013 - 12/22/2013
3 5

Instructor: Nancy Wood

This course will focus on developing, selecting, implementing, administering, and evaluating
compensation and benefits programs for all employee groups that support the organization's
strategic goals, objectives, and values. Real- time business trends and compensation challenges
will be explored through Problem Based Learning in order to develop skills, knowledge and
strategic attributes to facilitate problem resolution.

Required textbook(s) and material(s)

Dessler, G. (2011).Human resources management. (12th ed.).
ISBN 9780136089957

Rappaport, A., Kohn, A., Zehnder, E., Hall, B., Case, J., Pfeffer, J., et al. (2002). Harvard Business Review on compensation. ISBN 9781578517015

Please note the second textbook is not available in the Benedictine Bookstore. Please obtain the text from another source.

*Textbooks and syllabi are subject to change.

Managing Workplace Relationships
MGT 268 1/6/2014 - 2/9/20143 5
Instructor: Mark_Collins

This course will focus on analyzing, developing, implementing, administering and evaluating a
broad range of workplace relationships. Functional areas include techniques for facilitating
positive employee relations, positive employee relations strategies, and non-monetary rewards,
motivation concepts and applications, and employee involvement strategies. (For example:
employee management committees, self-directed work teams, and staff meetings.)

Required textbook(s) and material(s)

Dessler, G. (2011). Human resources management. (12th ed.).
ISBN 9780136089957

*Textbooks and syllabi are subject to change.

Employment Law and Risk Management
MGT 270 2/10/2014 - 3/16/20143 5

Instructor: Eugene_Frazier

This course will focus on developing, implementing, administering, and evaluating programs plans and
policies which provide a safe and secure working environment and to protect the organization from liability.
Additional focus will be placed on the workplace relationships between employer and employee in order
to maintain relationships and working conditions that balance employer and employee needs and rights
in support of the organization's strategic goals, objectives, and values.  

Required textbook(s) and material(s)

Dessler, G. (2011). Human resources management. (12th ed.).
ISBN 9780136089957

*Textbooks and syllabi are subject to change.

Certificate eligibility 

Taking all 6 courses entitles a student to a Benedictine University Certificate in Human Resources
Management. All courses must be completed with a grade of a "C" or higher. 

Applications for Certificate

To request the Certificate, complete the Application for Graduation form.  Specify the Certificate Area on the
application, and submit application to Ben Central with appropriate Certificate fees. 

Weekly class schedule

Generally, weekly classes begin on Monday at 7:00 when course materials are "opened or posted"
for student viewing. Online submission of student assignments is at the instructor's discretion, and generally
required by Wednesday at 12:00 noon. All weekly assignments are due no later than the following
Monday (7days later) at 7:00 am. 

Class meeting times

These are online classes, and there are no traditional learning team-based meeting times. Students can
at their own convenience. 

Format of the Human Resources Management Certificates program. Self- study program or
independent study?

This is an online Desire-to-Learn-based course with weekly discussions, weekly assignments, and
group interaction.  Active participation is required. 

Fully online course delivery

These courses have been developed to have a 100% online D2L-based delivery. There is no requirement
for a physical meeting. Contact information for the instructor will be provided at the start of the course through
Desire-to-Learn (D2L); communication is active and encouraged. 

Syllabus availability 

The syllabus is available by clicking on the course name above or through D2L once registration is completed. 

Textbook for the course

Textbook information will be available through the bookstore at:

Student advising. Who can I contact for additional information?

Contact your Academic Program Coordinator for student advising:

Debbie Schroer
(630) 829-1355