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If you are interested in pursuing a certificate or degree contact Adult Accelerated Enrollment via:


Phone (Toll Free)
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Moser (Main)
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If you are interested in pursuing an on line 
certificate or degree contact On Line Admissions at:

Phone (Toll Free)
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   ext. 1 for UG Studies
   ext. 2 for Grad Studies

For non-advising concerns please contact Student Life:

Hazel Williams
Adult Services Advocate
:  (630) 829-1362

Current Students
HRM Registration
Our students represent a diverse spectrum of working professionals seeking to grow academically, personally and professionally. We offer a breadth of program options specifically designed for adult learners to develop essential problem-solving and critical thinking skills beyond specific discipline content.
Course Registration

If you are registering to all six of the HRM courses, Learning team Schedule Change Forms should be filled
out for each individual course and submitted to your advisor in the term the course is being offered. Prior
to the students being enrolled in their first course the advisor will require a brief advising session between
the student and the advisor, once this has taken place your advisor will forward your schedule change form
to the appropriate parties for processing. If you are planning on taking five or fewer of the HRM courses
submit your schedule change form to your advisor, but you do not need specific counseling.

Course Curriculum

MGT-260 Fundamentals of Human Resources Management
MGT-262 Employee Recruitment Strategies
MGT-264 Employee Performances and Appraisal Management
MGT-266 Essentials of Compensation and Benefits
MGT-268 Managing Workplace Relationships
MGT-270 Employment law and Risk Management

If you are currently enrolled,or matriculating from one of our learning teams to another learning team,
your academic program advisor is Debbie Schroer who can reached at
or 630-829-1355.

If you are not currently enrolled in a learning team program through the Moser Center, please contact
contact Mr. Chris DeVuono, Enrollment Specialist for the Adult Accelerated Programs, to start your
registration process as a new student. His contact information is: or 630-829-2277.

For questions  regarding the specific procedures for registration and application for the Human Resources
Management Program, please contact your advisor.

Notification that enrollment has been accepted and processed

The student should verify enrollment through BenUConnect, just as they do when currently adding
other courses.

Required enrollment in a learning team program to participate in the Human Resources Management
Certificate program.

At this time, students need to have completed their BAM program, or be currently enrolled with a majority
of the BAM coursework completed. If there is available space, other students will be permitted to enroll.

Taking 1 or 2 courses from the complete sequence of 6 certificate courses

While it is preferable for students to enroll in the entire sequence of 6 courses leading to a certificate,
students can sign-up for individual courses, which they can use for their required elective requirements.

Registering after a course has started.

Once a course starts, registration is closed.