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Current Faculty
Education Faculty Biographies
Our students represent a diverse spectrum of working professionals seeking to grow academically, personally and professionally. We offer a breadth of program options specifically designed for adult learners to develop essential problem-solving and critical thinking skills beyond specific discipline content.



Name:  Jennifer Black-Foltin
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 708-296-0018
Degree Level/Concentration: Master of Education/Reading & Literacy, Bachelor of Arts/Special Education

Professional Background: 
I have taught high school special education classes for four years.  My focus has been English and Reading, however, I have taught every core subject.   This allows me to integrate reading and literacy strategies in content areas such as math, history, and science.  My experience has been in the public school setting as well as an alternative therapeutic day school.   

Name: Gretchen Borowski
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 847-541-6226
Degree Level/Concentration: B.A, M.Ed in reading

Name: Jodi Bouris
Contact Phone #1: 309-264-5729
Degree Level/Concentration: Master of Education - Type 75 Certification

Professional Background:
Jodi Bouris recently retired after 35 years in public education. Most recently she served as a professional development consultant for the Peoria Regional Office of Education, Two Rivers Professional Development Center. As a consultant for Two Rivers for the past four and a half years, she trained hundreds of teachers, support staff and administrators on numerous topics, as well as provided ongoing support and coaching for teams of educators. She worked closely with local school districts, as well as consultants across the state and staff at the Illinois State Board of Education.

Prior to her work for the ROE, Jodi was a classroom teacher for thirty years, in regular division, special education, and serving as co-teacher in an inclusion setting. Beyond her classroom and training experiences, Jodi has served on statewide committees for ISAT and the Common Core Standards.

Jodi is a certified trainer on learner-centered teaching strategies, which she uses regularly in her professional development sessions and university courses. Other areas of expertise include Differentiated Instruction, Adult Learning Theory, Standards Aligned Classroom, Assessment, Diversity, School Improvement, and Mentoring.

In addition to serving as an adjunct instructor for Benedictine University, Jodi will work as a private educational consultant in order to continue serving Illinois educators and students

Name: Jerome Brendel
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630.514.1766 (cell)
Degree Level/Concentration: C.A.S./Educational Administration, M.A./Educational Administration, B.S./Education

Professional Background:
Currently Superintendent, Woodridge School District 68 (7 years). Previous positions include Assistant Superintendent for Business (19 years), Director of Business Support Services (4 years), and science teacher and coach (5 years). Also served as President of the Illinois Association of School Business Officials (2002-2003) and President of the Association of School Business Officials International (2008).

Name: Deborah Carlberg
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 540-589-3980 (My home/cell)
Contact Phone #2 (Cell): 847-400-7903 (Husband's cell – Scott)
Degree Level/Concentration: Reading Specialist – Graduate Level

Professional Background:
I am currently working as the Lead District-wide Literacy Coach for Round Lake Area School District.  I work with teachers, principals, consultants and upper administration to reform the literacy instruction and systems in place. This is my third year in my position and there are now three other District-wide Literacy Coaches on our team.  We all work with grades K-5.

Prior to RLAS, I taught in a very large and impoverished school district in the rural Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. I gained experience in teaching reading to all grades K-5 as either a classroom teacher or reading specialist. I created and presented some district-wide professional development while I was working in this area as well as some district-wide literacy assessments.

Prior to teaching in Virginia, I taught adult learners at Northern Illinois University as a certified tutor in reading and writing for three years. I delivered small group, large group and one-on-one workshops for adults completing the education program and those in advanced degree programs. I also managed the test-preparation workshops for pre-service teachers to pass or retake the required tests in Illinois to become certified.

Before working in education, I worked in both advertising and public relations agencies for several years as an Account Executive on consumer products and business-to-business technologies.

Name: Robert M. Carlo
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1 (home): 708-403-6722
Contact Phone #2 (Cell): 603-650-7502
Degree Level/Concentration: Ed.D., Administratioin and Supervision, Loyola University of Chicago 
Professional Background:
As of June 8, 2009: 
Teacher:  5 ½ years
                Darien Public Schools-District #61-1 ½ years
                River Forest Public School District #90:  4 years
Administrator:  16 years 
                Kirby School District #140:  2 years
                Summit Hill School District #161:  6 years
                Darien Public Schools-District #61:   8 years
                                Principal:  4 years
                                Principal/Curriculum Director:  2 years
                                Assistant Superintendent:  2 years

Name: Kelly Carr
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-643-1503 cell
Degree Level/Concentration: B.S. in Science Education, University of Iowa; M.Ed. in Reading and Literacy, Benedictine University

Professional Background:
I taught 8th grade Science and Language Arts for 4 years in Roselle and Naperville. After acquiring my graduate degree in Reading I took on the Title 1 Reading position at my school. For the past few years I have been in charge of designing and implementing instruction for the struggling readers in 6th, 7th and 8th grade at our building.

Name: Amy Cassidy
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-904-2429
Degree Level/Concentration: Master in science in education/reading, B.S in science in education.

Name: Suzanne Casey, Ph.D.
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 815-475-7315
Contact Phone #2: 312-802-1697 cell                  
Degree Level/Concentration: Ph.D. in Leadership and Policy Studies, with a minor in school law from Loyola University, 1996. (Masters in Education Administration from Illinois State University, 1983).

Professional Background:
I served for 35+ years in the public schools, 28 of those years as a school administrator, and have worked at all levels from preschool education through university instruction. My work included regular and special education administrative responsibilities, where I was responsible for curriculum, support programs, program budget, grant writing, supervision, and the design of specialized academic support programs to assure learning by all students-regular and special education. About half of my years were spent at the elementary level, with the balance of years at the secondary level.
I worked for twelve years at Oak Park and River Forest High School as an Assistant Superintendent, as well as one year at Glenbrook High School Central Office, and four years as curriculum Director in the Plainfield Central Office before retiring in 2004.
I have been instructing at the University level since 2001, when I began teaching at Lewis University in the Masters Accelerated Leadership program. My supervision of student teachers at Illinois State University began in 2006, which I continue doing currently. I have been teaching at Benedictine since July, 2008.

Name: Nancy Chibe, Ph.D.                   
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-910-3206
Contact Phone #2: 630-327-0512               
Degree Level/Concentration: Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Loyola University; B.A. and M.A. from Concordia University             

Professional Background:
I have been in education for over 21 years and have experience in both elementary and secondary schools, public and private.  At the current time I am an assistant principal at Oswego High School.

Name: Pamela Ciway
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-926-3173 (cell)
Contact Phone #2: 630879-4641 (work)
Degree Level/Concentration: Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction

Professional Background:
Dr. Pamela Ciway earned her master's and doctorate degrees in Curriculum and Instruction from Benedictine University and Loyola University Chicago, respectively. Her dissertation focused on the short-term and long-term effects of full day kindergarten on reading achievement in the primary grades. Dr. Ciway has worked with K-12 teachers in a graduate program at another local university. She currently teaches third grade for the Batavia school district.

Name: Aylin Claahsen
E-Mail Address:;
Contact Phone #1: (630) 730-0362
Degree Level/Concentration: B.S in Elementary Education, MSE in Reading & Literacy, ESL Endorsement

Professional Background:
I currently am in my third year working as a reading specialist at an elementary school in Berywn, IL. Before becoming a reading specialist, I taught kindergarten in Chicago.  I also currently lead professional development workshops within my school to help teachers learn how to best service their students in all areas of literacy. 

Name: Holly Curry
Contact Phone #1:  815-641-5964
Degree Level/Concentration:  Master of Arts:  K-12 Reading and Literacy

Professional Background:
I attended Central Michigan University to obtain both my bachelor and master's degrees.  I received my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a science major and reading minor in 1999.  I returned to Central Michigan University and completed my Master of Arts: K – 12 Reading and Literacy degree in 2006.

My teaching career started in Michigan where I taught various age groups at the elementary level and was involved in numerous professional development opportunities and school initiatives.  During the summer of 2006 I moved to Illinois and started school in the fall as a literacy coach in the Joliet School District.  I have very much enjoyed my role as a literacy coach over the past three years.  During this time I have worked with a wide variety of wonderful educators and been exposed to a plethora of professional trainings and professionals in the field of education.
Since the spring of 2008 I have been able to accomplish another goal in my professional career, which is the opportunity to teach at the college level, at the Moser College of Adult and Professional Studies.  I have worked with phenomenal teachers through the master's program and am looking forward to meeting many more excellent educators in future classes.

Name: Mara Denny
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 815-922-6160
Degree Level/Concentration: MSED with a reading concentration

Professional Background:
I was an elementary school teacher for six years. I then moved into the role of literacy coach for two years. During that time I began teaching courses for BU in the Reading and Literacy program. I am currently working as the Site Director for Will and Kendall Counties for BU hiring and observing adjunct faculty for the Reading and Literacy Program as well as the Leadership Program.

Name: Leslee A. Dimke
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 815-335-3500
Contact Phone #2: (Cell) 815-519-6391
Degree Level/Concentration: 03; 10 – L.D.; 10 – Rdg. Spec.; 75; Gifted;

Professional Background:
Classes Taught for Benedictine University:  Educational Administration – Type 75 Masters Program and Reading Specialist Masters Program

Name: Laurenel M. Driscoll (Laurie)
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-213-0797
Degree Level/Concentration: BA in Education, National College of Education, M.Ed. in Reading, National College of Education (now National-Louis University)

Professional Background:
As a public school teacher in the western suburbs, I have taught grades 1-4 and have been a Reading Specialist in both elementary and middle schools. As a Reading Specialist I have focused on reading strategies, vocabulary development and content area reading skills. I have also served as president of two local councils of the Illinois Reading Council, the West Suburban Reading Council and Secondary Reading League.

Name: Joy Dvoratchek
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-674-1623
Degree Level/Concentration: Undergrad in Special Education with emphasis on Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Graduate - Reading Specialist; National Board Certification, 2007

Professional Background:
I first worked for seven years as an itinerant teacher servicing deaf and hard of hearing children, and since 2002 I have been a reading specialist at a middle school. My passion is getting kids to read and understand what they read, and getting them to continue to build their vocabulary.

Name: Melissa D. Eaton
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1 (Cell): 630-201-5728 (This is my only phone.)
Contact Phone #2 (School): 630-428-6151 (Only during the school year.)
Degree Level/Concentration: Master of Education, Concentration in Teaching English Language Learners

Professional Background:
I've worked as a K-5 Elementary ELL Teacher in District 204 in Naperville for the last four years. Prior to that, I worked in Cicero as a classroom teacher (3rd, 4th, and 6th grades) for six years. I received my National Board Certification as a Middle Child Generalist in 2008.

Special Interests, Activities, and/or Hobbies:
I enjoy spending time with my two little boys (one is two and a half and the other is four weeks old) and taking them on adventures. I am interested in gardening, and I have an organic vegetable garden outside as well as nearly 50 houseplants. I also love to try new recipes and develop my own—my specialty is baking. My most important hobbies are reading and writing. I read new books every week on my Nook, and I write about my life and my family on an online blog.  

Name: Mohamed Elnatour
E-mail Address: or
Contact Phone #1: 708-590-9087
Degree Level/Concentration: Doctorate of education, Master of Science in education, Bachelor of Science and applied engineering

Professional Background:
I had a doctoral degree in education, Curriculum and Instruction from Aurora University. I taught 7 different graduate classes in Teacher Education Dept. and in School Administration Dept. Before that I was a High school physics teacher.

Name: Jenna Engler
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-375-0980
Contact Phone #2: 630-697-2400 cell                  
Degree Level/Concentration: M.A. in Education from Aurora University, 1999.  B.S. in Speech Pathology from Northern Illinois University, 1996 with a Minor in Spanish

Professional Background:
For 11 years I served as an elementary school teacher from Kindergarten through Fourth Grades.  In addition to the many classroom responsibilities, I instructed various Professional Development Workshops, served on district technology teams, was the first in my district to implement the use of a SmartBoard at the elementary level and participated as a founding member of both building and district level Response to Intervention Teams.  During this time being able to communicate in Spanish with students and parents allowed me the opportunity to serve the needs of many English Language Learners and their families.  As a proud member of an innovative grade level team, I participated in a Professional Learning Community that began a student academic support program by evaluating grade level assessments and incorporating additional small group instruction to students, was involved in creating units based on real-world experiences such as a student run school store that serviced grades 3-5 and an economic unit culminating in a market in which students manufactured and sold products.  In order to enhance students' technology skills, I designed and implemented an after school technology program for students in grades 3-5 in which students utilized, in depth, programs such as Publisher, PowerPoint as well as created multimedia presentations.  I began instructing at Benedictine University in the fall of 2009

Name: Evelyn Ennsmann
E-mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-231-2598

Name: Anne Flaherty
E-mail Address: or
Contact Phone #1: 815-725-0852
Contact Phone #2: 815-342-0462
Degree Level/Concentration: M.A. -Curriculum and Instruction, B.A - Speech Communications

Professional Background:
Ten years in public education. Positions included: Kindergarten Teacher; First Grade Teacher; Second Grade Teacher; Trainer (district level) for various technology and methodology classes; Trainer (school level) for various technology and instructional practices; Member of Building Leadership Team; and Member of Technology Cadre; District Star Teacher Award for past 4 years. Served on district curriculum committees for Language Arts; Math; and assisted in redesigning district report cards.

Name: Carrie Garrett
E-mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 815-600-0048
Degree Level/Concentration: BS in Elementary Education from Eastern Illinois University
MS in Reading and Literacy/Reading Specialist from Lewis University

Professional Background:
This is my seventh year in education in the Joliet Public School District #86. I spent my first four years teaching 4th and 5th grades before becoming a Literacy Coach in a K-5 elementary school . As a Literacy Coach, I work closely with K-3 teachers in literacy instruction and assessment.

Name: Donielle Gary-Burton
E-mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: (708) 681-2889
Contact Phone #2: (630) 291-2827 (cell)
Degree Level/Concentration:Ed.D. Curriculum and Instruction (Loyola University Chicago); Type 75 Administration Certificate (Loyola University Chicago);  M.A. Secondary Education (Roosevelt University Chicago); B.A. English (Northern Illinois University) 

Professional Background:
The bulk of my teaching and administrative experience has been in urban education.   I taught high school English for Chicago Public Schools for over twelve years.  Selected by my students in 2000, I became a Golden Apple Award nominee.  Rooted in Constructivist Learning theory, I have practical experience developing and implementing Reading curriculum for at-risk students.  Stemming from my deep interest in Reading instruction and working with teachers to improve instructional practices, I began working as an adjunct professor for Benedictine University in 2005.

In 2007, I began my role as Director of Curriculum and Instruction for a non-profit educational management firm.  In that capacity, I evaluated educational programs, mentored new teachers, and used both qualitative and quantitative data to promulgate district decisions, among other duties.  My work with urban students, teachers, and parents provided me with an opportunity to serve as principal of one of three small schools within Austin High School.  There, I supported a school culture dedicated to the pursuit of life-long learning, valuing input from all stakeholders in an effort to nurture our community of learners.  I currently serve on committees for Aspire Children's services (a not for profit agency that services children and adults with disabilities, and their families).        

Name: Jill M. Gildea, Ed.D.
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 815-354-0283
Degree Level/Concentration:
Ed.S. Educational Leadership, National Louis University, Evanston, IL
Ed.D. Curriculum & Supervision, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL
M.Ed. Language & Literacy, National Louis University, Evanston, IL
B.A. English & Secondary Education, Bradley University, Peoria, IL

Professional Background:
I am currently serving as Superintendent at Harrison Elementary School District #36. Prior to my appointment as Superintendent, I served three years as Director of Curriculum & Instruction in Libertyville Elementary District # 70 in Libertyville, IL. I served for three years as Assistant Superintendent in Marengo School District #165 in Marengo, IL and for three years as an English/Reading/Fine Arts Division Head at Elgin Unit School District #46 in Bartlett, IL at Bartlett High School. Prior to working in Educational Administration, I was a Language Arts/Reading Teacher at Lincoln JH in Mt. Prospect School District # 57. I became interested working in school districts after serving as a Publicist for Coronet/MTI Film & VIdeo in Deerfield, IL. It is a true pleasure to be working with Benedictine University in preparing our graduate students for success in their future careers.

Name:  Paul Glover
E-Mail Address:         
Contact Phone #1: 630-913-6555
Degree Level/Concentration: Bachelor of Arts in English, Juris Doctorate and a Masters in Labor Law

Professional Background:
After a thirty year career as a labor/employment law attorney, Paul founded the consulting firm Glover & Associates in 1992, to assist organizations to survive the WorkQuake™ of the Knowledge Economy by improving workplace performance and increasing job satisfaction. A Business and Leadership Performance Coach, he provides strategic planning and individual development assistance to executives and business owners and has been the Facilitator of a national Peer Group of business owners for the last three years.
Paul teaches Leadership Theory, Assessing Leadership Skills, Communication Skills for Managers, Team Building, Management & Supervision, Critical Thinking, Organizational Culture and Employment Law at National Louis University, Lewis University and the University of St. Francis.

A professional speaker, who engages audiences with extensive knowledge of organizational issues caused by the WorkQuake™ of the Knowledge Economy, Paul's unique insights provide audiences with the information and practical tools necessary to implement organizational changes.

Name: Wesley Gosselink
E-mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-493-8051
Degree Level/Concentration: M.A. - educational administration, B.S - Special Education

Professional Background:
Mrs. Gosselink has worked in the field of education for 12 years. She has served as a special education teacher, special education administrator, Assistant Principal, and Elementary Principal. She currently serves as Principal of Tate Woods Elementary School and Staff Development Coordinator for Lisle School District #202. Her areas of special interest include positive behavioral systems, primary level reading instruction, and how organizations are impacted by positive psychology.

Name: Maryann Griffiths
Contact Phone #1 (Cell): 708-334-2741
Degree Level/Concentration: MBA: Loyola University of Chicago;  MA in Elementary Education: St. Xavier University; Type10 Certification :Reading Specialist

Professional Background:
Human Resources background – 7 years; Classroom teacher – 3 years; Reading Specialist – 6 years. Also have 5 years of graduate adjunct teaching experience.

Name: Dorothy Grossman
E-mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: (312) 553-1153  
Contact Phone #2: (312) 404-4652  
Degree Level/Concentration: M.Ed. Reading Specialist

Professional Background:
I have been a Reading Specialist for almost 20 years and a Reading Recovery teacher for over 10 years in the western suburbs.  In those positions I collaborated with teachers, assessed and instructed children in both pull-out and push-in programs.  I also taught children in gifted as well as remedial reading programs.  Prior to becoming a Reading Specialist  I had taught special needs children from preschool to high school level, in self-contained to resource settings.  Currently I'm retired and working part-time as a Reading Recovery teacher in Evanston.

Name: Scott Guziec
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 847-367-5519 home
Contact Phone #2: 847-271-1949 cell
Degree Level/ Concentration: M. Ed. / Educational Administration/Superintendent

Professional Background:
I have 33 years of experience in education, including 11 years as the superintendent of Lincolnshire School District #103, 14 years as principal in Waukegan, Highland Park and Lincolnshire at the junior high and elementary level and 8 years as a special education teacher. Prior to retirement as superintendent, I was the IASA Legislative Representative and ISBE Advisory Committee Liaison for Lake County. Presentations at numerous state and county conferences on effective teaching strategies, educational leadership and referenda planning while currently serving as a consultant for an architectural firm in Lake/Cook County.

Name: Lonna E. Haley
E-Mail Address:
Degree Level/Concentration: M.A.: Reading & Literacy, Benedictine University
B.A: Major: Elementary Education Minor: Gender and Women Studies

Professional Background:
I received my Master's of Education in Reading and Literacy through Benedictine University and received my undergraduate degree from Knox College. Currently I serve as a Reading Specialist in Cicero Public School District #99. My current position allows me to work with a variety of readers as well as implementing effective research-based reading strategies. The other key component of my position is to design and provide ongoing professional development to staff in the areas of Reading and Literacy. I have also spent time teaching and tutoring students within the intermediate grade levels. In addition to my elementary teaching experience, I have had the opportunity to teach at the graduate level focusing on assessment and diagnosis of reading disabilities.

Name: Donna Halpin
E-Mail Address #1: (home)
E-Mail Address #2: (work)
Contact Phone #1: 630-323-6446 (work)
Contact Phone #2 (Cell): 630-204-2297
Degree Level/Concentration: MS in Education Specialization in Reading, NIU

Professional Background:
I have been teaching at Gower West School, Gower District 62 in Willowbrook, IL
as District Reading Specialist for the last 20 years. My focus is Early Literacy, primarily working with first and second graders. I have been very involved in establishing the RtI process in my school and district.

Previously, I was a Reading Specialist in the Portage Schools, Portage, MI.
I started my career teaching at Field Park School, Western Springs District 101.
(That is the school I attended grades K-6)

Special Interests, Activities, and/or Hobbies:
Now that my children are grown, my favorite pass time would be curling up with a good book.
I am a workout enthusiast, and try to go to the gym as often as I can.
I am still excited about teaching and learning about literacy.

Name: Cynthia L. Heidorn, Ph.D.
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1:
847-949-2700 work
Degree Level/Concentration:
Ph.D. Organization Development, Benedictine University
MSEd. Education Leadership: School Business Management, NIU

Professional Background:
I am currently serving as Superintendent in Mundelein Elementary School District #75, after three years as Superintendent in Gower District #62 in Willowbrook and Burr Ridge. I served for seven years as Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations in Glen Ellyn District #41 and for three years in Community Unit School District #200 in Wheaton/Warrenville as Business Manager and Assistant Business Manager. I became interested in education after serving as an elected member of the Board of Education in Glen Ellyn District #41 for four years.

There is no more rewarding occupation than making a difference in the life of a child. As educators, we are uniquely positioned to support students and families while building strong communities. My research interests include how leaders engage others in change processes and how school improvement strengthens school communities.

Name: Richard J. Hendricks
E-mail Address: or
Contact Phone #1: 708-741-5603
Degree Level/Concentration: J.D. - DePaul University; M.S.Ed School Business Management - NIU; B.S. Accounting - UIC; A.S.S. Accounting - Wilbur Wright Junior College

Professional Background:
Assistant Superintendent - Business at Oak Lawn Community High School District 229 2002 to present. Director of Fiscal Services at Township High School District 214 1995-2002.

Name: Paula Neri Hennessey
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-632-1204 cell
Contact Phone #2: 630-372-0949 home
Degree Level/Concentration: BS Loyola University, Masters in Education - Curriculum and Literacy, ELL Graduate Certificate/Endorsement National Louis University

Professional Background:
I am currently in charge of ELL curriculum and instruction at a middle school. Previously, I served as literacy coach at the same school. Additionally, I teach master's level continuing education courses for the DuPage Regional Office of Education.

Name: Scott Herrmann
Contact Phone #1: 847-827-1181
Contact Phone #2 (Cell): 847-727-2688
Degree Level/Concentration: MEd  Educational Leadership

Professional Background:
Dr. Herrmann earned a B.S. in Elementary Education and an M.S. in Educational Psychology from the University of Wisconsin, an M.A. in Educational Leadership from Marian College, and an Ed. D from National Louis University.  He has taught grades K-8 as a classroom teacher and Gifted and Talented resource teacher, and served as a K-12 Curriculum Director and an Elementary School Principal before becoming the principal of Gemini Junior High School in the fall of 1996.

Name: Joyce Hlousek
E-Mail Address:
Degree Level/Concentration: Ed.D.: Administration (Vanderbilt); Administrative Certification (Northern Illinois University); M.A.: Reading and LD (DePaul); B.S.: Elementary Education (DePaul)

Professional Background:
Thirty-four years in School District 54, Schaumburg, IL in the roles of:

  • Learning Behavior Specialist & Special Education Team Coordinator
  • Director of Program Assessment & Coordinator of Testing and Measurements
  • Reading/Learning Disabilities Specialist & Special Education Team Coordinator
  • Reading/Learning Disabilities Specialist & Special Education Team Coordinator
  • Elementary School Classroom Teacher-Primary Grades

Name: Tonia Humphrey
E-mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 773-483-5930
Degree Level/Concentration: Masters in science in education, masters of arts in media communication, Bachelor of arts in journalism.

Name: Amandeep (AJ) Hundal
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-290-1247 cell
Contact Phone #2: 815-267-3612 work
Degree Level/Concentration: Bachelor's in Jr. High/Middle School Education (K-9), Master's in Educational Leadership (Type 75)

Professional Background:
I will be entering my 12th year in the Education field. I began as a middle school Language Arts and History teacher at Partners for Success Alternative School and evetually became Dean of Students at Partners for Success High School/Middle School programs. I was with Partners For Success for 10 yers, 5 years as Dean of Students. Since 2007 I have been the Dean of Students at Ira Jones Middle School in Plainfield, District 202.

Name: Dr. Bernard J. Jumbeck  
Contact Phone #1: 708-448-5713
Degree Level/Concentration: B.S. Ed. Eastern Illinois University, M.S. Ed Eastern Illinois University, Ed. D. in  Administration and Supervision Loyola University of Chicago

Professional Background: 
Thirty-seven years of experience in Illinois public schools, in grades pre-kindergarten through eight.  Experience as a physical education teacher and coach in grades kindergarten through eight.  Thirty-one years of experience as an administrator, in positions ranging from assistant principal to superintendent of schools.  Adjunct faculty member with experience in teaching courses in administration and supervision, school law and school finance, including service as a member of doctoral dissertation committees. 

Name: Mary Ann Kalis
Contact Phone #1 (Work): 630-834-4548
Contact Phone #2 (Cell): 630-606-0184
Degree Level/Concentration: MSEd, Educational Administration with a year of coursework towards doctorate in Educational Leadership

Professional Background: 
13+ years as an elementary school principal in Elmhurst

  •  4 years as a high school assistant principal
  • Teaching experience at every grade K-12 (elementary, middle and high school)
  • Administrative experience at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, Office of Student Affairs
  • Leadership positions in the DuPage Region-Illinois Principals Association, 1999-present

Participant on professional development roundtable for DuPage Regional Office of Education

Name: Brian Kaye
Contact Phone #1 (Work): 847-398-4297
Contact Phone #2 (Cell): 630-534-4502
Degree Level/Concentration: College of DuPage – Associate of Arts Degree (AA)
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign – Bachelor's Degree (BA)
Aurora University – Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)
Aurora University – Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership (MAEL)

Professional Background:

  • Northwood Middle School, Community Unit School District 200 (Woodstock, IL) – 6th Grade Teacher (Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts): 4 Years
  • Virginia Lake Elementary School, Community Consolidated School District 15 (Palatine, IL) – 5th Grade Classroom Teacher: 2 years.
  • Jane Addams Elementary School, Community Consolidated School District 15 (Palatine, IL) – Building Assistant: 1 year.
  • South Middle School, Arlington Heights School District 25 (Arlington Heights, IL) – Associate Principal: 1 year.
  • Windsor Elementary School, Arlington Heights School District 25 (Arlington Heights, IL) – Principal: 3 years (presently working).
  • Benedictine University, Margaret and Harold Moser College of Adult and Professional Studies (Naperville, IL) - Adjunct Professor: 1 year.

Name:  Kathleen E. Keenan, Ed. D.
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1:  773-373-5810
Degree Level/Concentration:  Doctor of Education, dissertation on change and teacher learning in a professional development model

Professional Background:
My professional education began at Illinois State University where I majored in Elementary Education.  I began my education career as a third grade teacher.  During that time, I received my masters degree in education with a concentration in arts education from Northern Illinois University, and spent the next ten years teaching art to first through sixth graders.  I returned to the general education classroom as a sixth grade teacher for a period of four years.    After a six year hiatus from the classroom to work in the business management field, I returned to education as a Reading Recovery teacher for first through third grade students.  I came back to the general education classroom as a sixth grade teacher.  During that time, I began work on my doctorate in education at Northern Illinois University, completing my dissertation research in teacher learning and professional development.  For the past eight years, I have been fortunate to be the principal of Hodgkins Elementary School.  I will retire from elementary education this year, and I will be working at the university level in the field of teacher education and leadership.  I will also be working with the State of Illinois Principal Mentoring Program.    

Name: Mary Klinefelter
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 708-709-3689
Contact Phone #2: 708-301-4294
Degree Level/Concentration: B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University
M.S. Degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin

Professional Background:
Current Position: Dean of Business and Technology at Prairie State College Prior Experience: High school administration, private college administration, and fifteen years in engineering and project management for a major automotive manufacturer.

Name:  Regina M. Leeberg         
E-Mail Address:;                 
Contact Phone #1: 815-577-1057
Contact Phone #2 (Cell):630-854-5323
Degree Level/Concentration: Master of Arts in Education – Leadership & Administration, North Central College, Naperville, IL
Master of Science in Education – Reading, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL
Bachelor of Science – Elementary Education, Benedictine University, Lisle, IL

Professional Background:
I spent eight years working as a first grade teacher in Lisle.  I have been coaching elementary-level teachers, primarily in the area of reading, for the past four years.   I have expansive staff development experience, a comprehensive understanding of Response to Intervention, extensive knowledge of assessment practices and data collection/triangulation/analysis, and thorough special education experience in an inclusive environment

Name: William Leensvaart
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-682-4972 home
Contact Phone #2: 630-417-4084 cell
Degree(s) Acquired: MA in Secondary Education from Northern Illinois University

Professional Background:
I taught Mathematics at York High School in Elmhurst for 17 years where I also coached football, basketball, the Mathematics Team, and sponsored Student Council. I announced almost 1000 sporting events as well. I was a special assistant to the Superintendent of District 205 for one year where I facilitated Strategic Planning for the entire district including over 300 Community members. I was the Assistant Principal at York for 5 years specializing in curriculum and instruction. I was Principal at Glenbard South High School for 13 years and have now been retired for one year.

Name: Carmen Lehotan
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630 985-0221

Name: Kathleen F. Liace
E-Mail Address: or
Contact Phone #1: (H) 630-983-6694
Contact Phone #2: (W) 630-420-6526
Degree Level/Concentration:
Ed.D. Reading & Language, C.A.D. Administration & Supervision
M. Ed. Special Education, B.S. Special Education/Elementary Education

Professional Background:
I am currently a high school Literacy Instructional Coordinator and Reading Specialist. This role not only involves working with students, but also with a great deal of staff development. I have been a high school Reading Specialist for 10 years. Prior to becoming a Reading Specialist, I worked as a Special Education teacher at the intermediate, junior high and high school levels.

Name: Susan M. Lynch
E-Mail Address:                                 
Contact Phone #1: 630-428-6297 Work             
Contact Phone #2 (Home): 630-585-1912
Contact Phone #3 (Cell): 630-430-3802
Degree Level/Concentration: Master of Education in Reading K-12
Certificate of Graduate Studies Type 75 School Administration
Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Special Needs
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
National Board Certified Teacher- Young Adulthood/English Language Arts

Professional Background:

  • Elementary Classroom and Middle School Reading Teacher and Reading Coordinator, Boston Public  Schools, Boston MA.
  • Adjunct Lecturer University of Massachusetts (Boston State College) on Individualizing Reading Instruction.
  • Elementary Special Needs teacher/Case Manager  London Borough of Croydon, London,England.
  • Middle School and High School reading teacher and reading team coordinator Indian Prairie School District 204 Naperville, IL.
  • Presently teaching as a high school Literacy Coach and Reading Team Coordinator Indian Prairie Schools Naperville, IL.

Name: Leanne Lyons
Contact Phone #1: 630-253-1863
Degree Level/Concentration: MA ED Instructional Leadership

Professional Background:                                                                  
I am currently an assistant principal at Jamie McGee Elementary School in Bolingbrook and have held the position since 2002. Prior to that, I worked as a building administrator and math coordinator in Chicago for the public school system.  I taught for fourteen years at the elementary level in all grades from first through eighth. My teaching background includes one year at the high school level in Japan.  I was employed by American Business Consultants in Japan for a year as an ESL instructor for a variety of international companies that prepared employees for travel abroad.  Formerly, I was employed by the College of DuPage where I taught English as a Second Language to adults for more than five years. 

Name: Theresa Maciejewski M.S.Ed, M.A., CCC-SLP/L
Email Address:
Contact Phone #: 630-750-5628
Degree Level/Concentration: Masters in Administration from Northern Illinois University, 2005. Masters in Speech Language Pathology from Northern Illinois University, 2002. Bachelors in Communicative Disorders from Northern Illinois University, 2000.
Classes Taught for Benedictine University: Linguistics for Educators EDUC 606

Professional Background: I served 9 years in Lisle Community School District 202, 5 of those as a school administrator. My work included regular and special education administrative responsibilities. I began my career as a Speech and Language Pathologist. My experience has been primarily at the elementary level. I also work privately at the Institute for Communicative Disorders as a Speech and Language Pathologist, servicing children from birth onto adulthood. My area of expertise is in the area of stuttering.

Name: Sarah Malik
E-mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-673-7462 cell
Degree Level/Concentration: B.A. in Elementary Education with English minor and Middle School and Social Science endorsements, North Central College; M.Ed. in Reading and Literacy, Benedictine University

Professional Background:
Before becoming a reading specialist, I taught 6th grade language arts and social science for one year, 8th grade language arts for four years, and 8th grade social science for two years. I am currently the reading specialist and language arts department coordinator for Lincoln Junior High School, where I work with sixth, seventh, and eighth graders and their teachers. My job includes working in classrooms with teachers and students, leading small group instruction, being a literacy coach, and coordinating some staff development.

Name:  Jessica Mangelson, Ph.D.
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-857-3992
Degree Level/Concentration: Ph.D., Education, (Literacy/Children's Literature) The Ohio State University; M.S., Education, (Reading/Literacy) Syracuse University.

Professional Background:
I have taught elementary school, worked as a reading specialist, researcher, and professor of education. My areas of expertise are literacy education, children's literature, and emergent literacy. My research interests include reading clinic work, using technology to enhance literacy instruction, and using children's literature to enhance reading instruction.

Name: Joseph A. Marchese
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-985-7779 home
Contact Phone #2: 630-254-2421 cell
Degree Level/Concentration: B.S. in Education (Northern Illinois University), Masters in Education - Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois. Doctoral Work in Curriculum & Instruction completed at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois

Professional Background:
I am a 35 year veteran in Public Education having served as an instructor, Alternative Education Director, Dean of Students, Divisison Chair, Assistant Principal and Principal in senior high school programs. During the course of my work I've worked to improve Teacher Evaluation Programs, Curriculum Documentation and creation and implementation of a comprehensive Teacher Induction Program. I am passionate in regards to the development of educational leaders and their impact on the future academic success of their students, and I have completed extensive research in the field of leadership and leadership development.

Name: Barb Mazzolini
E-Mail Address: or
Contact Phone #1: (cell) 630-421-0722
Contact Phone #2: (work) 630-784-7358
Degree Level/Concentration: MS in Reading

Professional Background:
I previously taught as a classroom teacher at the elementary and middle school levels and as a reading specialist at the middle school level. I am currently a reading teacher and literacy coach at the high school level. I am a National Board certified teacher in Young Adult English/Language Arts and a Project CRISS certified trainer. I also do consulting work for McGraw-Hill/Glencoe as a reviewer for Jamestown Education materials.

Name: Rosa McCormick
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-889-9586
Contact Phone #2 (Cell): 630-329-1114
Degree Level/Concentration: Masters /Curriculum & Instruction

Professional Background:
Bachelors in Music Education
Master's in Ed. in Curriculum &Instruction

Secondary education certificate Music
Elementary ed. certificate
Math Recovery Interventionist Certified
National Board Certified

Name: Michael Merritt
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 815-439-7092
Contact Phone #2 (Cell): 815-274-0602
Degree Level/Concentration: Master of School Leadership

Professional Background:
After completing my undergraduate degree in Physical Education from Illinois State University, I began my professional career in the educational field as a Physical Education and Health teacher at a middle school in Valley View CCSD 365U.  After my third year of teaching, I began working towards the completion of a Master Degree program in School Leadership through Concordia University, which resulted in earning my Type 75 administrative certificate.  Upon completion of my fifth year of teaching, I accepted the challenge of opening Aux Sable Middle School in Plainfield CCSD 202 as the Dean of Students in the fall of 2006.  I continued my climb up the administrative ladder when I accepted the responsibility of Assistant Principal at Aux Sable during the start of the 2008-2009 school year.  I began teaching Educational Leadership courses for Benedictine University in the spring of 2008 and continue to enjoy working and sharing my knowledge with adult learners.

Name: Susan Miller
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 847-949-2706
Contact Phone #2: 630-453-3297
Degree Level/Concentration: MS Ed./CAS
Curriculum and Instruction/Educational Leadership

Professional Background:
Since my undergraduate studies several years ago, I have been helping to plan what helps all students learn best. I have been fortunate to work on this goal in a variety of roles. I began as a special education teacher at elementary, middle and high school levels, then began my years as an elementary classroom teacher. As instructional coordinator and assistant principal, my role changed from working directly with students, to a more "big picture" approach. As elementary principal for 9 years, I learned as an instructional leader, one can influence student learning in a variety of ways. My current role as Director of Teaching and Learning in Mundelein Elementary School District 75 is a dynamic and rewarding way to impact student learning, as is being an Adjunct Professor for BU. Each job I've had has been my favorite. I feel that way today!

Name: Deborah A. Oates
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-880-0189 (cell)
Contact Phone #2: 630-852-2030 (fax)
Degree Level/Concentration: J.D., DePaul University; M.S.Ed. in Vision/Multiply Handicapped, Northern Illinois University and B.A., Elementary Education, Washington University in St. Louis.

Professional Background:
I have been a teacher of visually impaired/multiply impaired students for 28 years, working mostly in the western suburbs. I have been an itinerant teacher most recently, but also have been a resource teacher, and taught in self-contained classrooms. I have been an attorney for 22 years, working mostly in family law and I have had the privilege of being the grievance chair for the Association of teachers in our co-op.

Name: Lori Oster
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: (847) 376-7022
Contact Phone #2 (cell): (847) 376-7022
Degree Level/Concentration: M.Ed. in Reading and Literacy, Benedictine University

Professional Background:
Lori Oster is an English instructor and reading specialist who has been teaching undergraduate students at the College of Lake County in Grayslake, Illinois since 2005. She recently accepted a full time position as an Assistant Professor of English at Oakton Community College, and will be starting there in the fall of 2010. Lori previously taught high school students in Mundelein, Illinois, and has been teaching in Northwestern University's Saturday Enrichment Program since 2006. She earned her B.A. in English and American literature from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and her M.Ed. in reading and literacy from Benedictine University.

Name: Lynn Otterson
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 847-548-6940
Contact Phone #2 (cell): 847-644-0991
Degree Level/Concentration: Masters in Literacy from Dominican University and a Masters in Leadership (Type 75) from Concordia University.

Professional Background:
I love teaching my Content Area Literacy course at Benedictine University. It is an extremely hands-on course that focuses on implementing reading strategies in middle and high school grade levels. I currently teach Junior/Senior level English classes (Advanced Composition, Communications, and Literature) at Warren Township High School in Gurnee, IL. I have presented and trained new teachers in Content Area Reading strategies in my district and I have also presented at multiple conferences including the Illinois Association of Teachers of English, the Illinois Association of Teachers of Chemistry and Physics Conferences. In addition, I present on Anti-Bullying and Empowerment for Adolescents after extensive training with Rosalind Wiseman in Washington D.C.. I strive to always be up to date on best practice, motivation and empowerment in classrooms and I also have an interest in training teachers to be the best that they can be!

Name: Elizabeth Parker
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-493-8081
Contact Phone #2: 630-404-7742
Degree Level/Concentration: M.S. Ed. in Reading, Reading Specialist

Professional Background:
I have been teaching remedial reading for ten years in rural, urban, parochial, and public settings. My reading focus has been Kindergarten through Second grade.

Name:  Margaret Peter
E-Mail Address:,
Contact Phone #1: 630-310-2041
Contact Phone #2: 630-545-0091
Degree Level/Concentration:Masters of Education/Reading

Professional Background: 
Classes Taught for Benedictine University:  Literacy Coaching and Collaboration/MED program
I have been an educator for the past 10 years in Wisconsin, New York, Minnesota and currently in Glen Ellyn, IL .    I have served in the following positions:

  • K-5 Literacy Coach
  • K-5 Literacy Specialist
  • 2nd grade Teacher
  • 1st grade Teacher

Name: Christine Peterson
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 815 741-3329
Contact Phone #2: 815 735-3620
Degree Level/Concentration: M.A. in Reading and M.A. in Educational Administration

Professional Background:
I have had a variety of roles as a teacher and reading specialist in several districts. My focus is always on improving literacy and learning in all content areas.

Name: Jean A. Peterson
E-Mail Address: or
Contact Phone #1: 630-514-7004 cell
Contact Phone #2: 630-876-7810 x202 office
Contact Phone #3: 630-584-7188 home
Degree Level/Concentration: Masters Educational Leadership

Professional Background:
I am currently a principal at Evergreen Elementary School in Carol Stream, IL. Benjamin District #25 is a two school district serving Carol Stream and West Chicago children. Students feed into West Chicago HS. My building is a preschool-4th grade with approximately 500 students. I have been in education for 28 years. I taught for 14 years, grades 1, 2, and 4, before going into administration.

Name: Cynthia Picciola
E-mail Address: or
Contact Phone #1: 630-257-2286 x4303
Contact Phone #2: 708-705-6661 (cell)
Degree Level/Concentration: M.A. Reading and Literacy, Certified Reading Specialist with Supervisory Endorsement, B.S. Special Education

Professional Background:
I have been in education for 16 years and have taught in special education as well as general education classes at the elementary and middle school levels. I am currently teaching middle school classes of social studies and a literacy block. However, no matter the class, my first and true love is reading!

Name: Dottie Priddy (Dorothea J. Priddy)
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 815-467-5712
Contact Phone #2 (Cell): 815-210-8803    
Degree Level/Concentration: Masters Degree in Reading        

Professional Background:
I am semi-retired from Joliet Grade School District 86 where I worked for over twenty years in various buildings within the district.  I have had the pleasure of serving as a reading specialist, a literacy coach and RTI coach.  Additional areas I have taught or worked include teaching at an elementary level, working for ISBE, teaching graduate level courses for other universities, and teaching adults in literacy and ESL. I have enjoyed being involved with professional organizations such as the International Reading Association and Illinois Reading Council as well as being a member of Alpha Upsilon Alpha, an honorary reading society. I find myself in a position of continual learning.

Classes Taught for Benedictine University:  Literacy Coaching and Collaboration Ed 611

Name: Amy Quattrone
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-964-1814
Degree Level/Concentration: M.A.: Reading Literacy, Benedictine University B.A. English Education, Illinois State University

Professional Background:
Currently I serve as a Literacy Coach at Westmont Jr. High and High School, CUSD 201. My position allows me the opportunity to work with both teachers and students in the areas of reading and instruction. Previously,  I taught 6th-8th Gifted Reading  and Language Arts.

Name: Martin R. Quinn
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 847- 359-6911
Degree Level/Concentration: Ed.D. Of Education, CAS of Educational Administration, Master of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Associate of Arts

Professional Background:
I'm certified K-12 in Education. My first teaching position was Kindergarten in Chicago. I have been in Education for 34 years, 29 of those years have been in Administration. I have held the following positions; Dean of Students – 5 years, Assistant Principal -10 years, Principal – 14 years. I'm also certified as a Mentor for Principals.

Name: Katie Reynolds
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 847-682-5134
Degree Level/Concentration: Masters in Curriculum and Instruction

Professional Background:
Katie Reynolds, Director of Student Learning in Round Lake Area Schools, has been in the field of education for ten years as a teacher, principal, and curriculum coordinator.

Name: Dr. John A. Rhodes
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-375-3046 office
Degree Level/Concentration: BS in Ed., MS in Ed, C.A.S.; Ed.D.

Professional Background:
Private school; administration, curriculum, gifted, math, science. Teaching: math(4th - middle school to high school Algebra, Algebra II Trig); science(4th - middle school to high school Honors Biology), Graduate Classes for NIU, GSU, SXU, Drake, IRI, Pearson (30+ years as an adjunct professor). Administration: Dept. Chair: Math, Science, Gifted, Computers, Instructional Technology; Assistant Principal: Elementary School, Middle School; Principal: Elementary, Middle (5-8), High School; Assistant Supt; K-8; and Superintendent K-8 & K-12

Name: Sylvia Rivera
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #2 (Cell): 630-216-9172
Degree Level/Concentration:
BS Business Administration, University of Maryland
BS Chemistry, Elmhurst College
M.B.A., Benedictine University
Master of Organizational Behavior/Human Resources, Benedictine University
Master in Education K-8 Bilingual/ESL, Northern Illinois University
Master in Educational Leadership, Benedictine University

Professional Background:
After an 18 year career in the business world, I joined education to serve English Language Learners (ELLLs). I taught at the elementary level and presently teach math and language arts to ELLs at the middle school level.  I have presented /taught on various topics related to English Language Learners at building level, district level, professional conferences and universities.  Presently a member of the Mathematics Education Advisory Board at National Louis University, I enjoy advising and mentoring other adults who are committed to educating English Language Learners.

Name: Doreen Romero
E-mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 815-634-8786
Degree Level/Concentration: M.A - Education, B.A. - Economics, Library science

Name: Dr. Cheryl Rosentreter, Ed. D
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-301 - 5959
Degree Level/Concentration: Doctorate in Education - Curriculum and Instruction

Professional Background:
I have been teaching in District 129 - West Aurora since 1991. Currently, I am the Reading Facilitator and Balanced Literacy Coordinator at Jefferson Middle School and I teach 8th grade struggling readers. In May 2006, I graduated from Aurora University with a Doctorate of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

Name: Lynn Rule
Contact Phone #1: 630-653-0956
Degree Level/Concentration: Masters of Education, Masters of Reading, National Board Certified Language Arts

Professional Background:
Being in education for the past 32 years has given me experience at various levels utilizing a variety of materials, techniques, and philosophies.   The majority of my experience has been in the primary grades enabling me to establish a foundation for students based on best practice.  Evolving from this experience has been the creation of graduate classes in Reading, Writing, and Math for the Regional Office of Education.  In addition I have had the honor of being named Teacher of the Year and Illinois State Finalist for Naperville District 203. In addition I have shared honors with my teams being named as Those Who Excel for First Grade Team and Those Who Excel for Second Grade Team.   My philosophy of education is researched based with student's driving my instruction.  My question to  colleagues is being able to answer WHY they are teaching what they are teaching…time is precious to children and their learning.  I am grateful for the current opportunity to be an instructor for Benedictine University in their Master of Reading Program.

Name: Patti Sima
E-mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 847 970-9467
Degree Level/Concentration: M.A. - Developmental Reading, B.A - Elementary

Professional Background:
Twenty years in education. Positions included: classroom teacher, grades 3.4.5 and 6; Middle school history. Writer and editor for Teacher Created Materials, Product Development for Learning Resources, free-lance writer for Discovery Education and Museum of Broadcast Communications, Reading Specialist for grades K - 5.

Name: Diane Simonaitis
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630.675.4412 cell
Degree Level/Concentration: B.A. from Benedictine University (actually I.B.C.) and an M.A. from St. Xavier University

Professional Background:
I was a classroom teacher for 15 years, at mostly the Junior High level, teaching Science, Literature, and Language Arts. Moved from a private school, to CPS, to a suburban public school, and then started a Charter School in Elk Grove before becoming the Assistant Principal in a Career and Technical School in Addison, where I have been for the past 5 years.

Name: Sylvia R. Smith
E-mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-640-0371
Degree Level/Concentration: Ed.D. in instructional technology, MS.Ed in curriculum & supervision, B.S in special education

Name: Rachel B. Solomon, Ed. S
Contact Phone #1: 630-548-0602
Contact Phone #2 (Cell): 773-203-7311
Degree Level/Concentration: Masters Level Courses within Educational Administration

Professional Background:
In 1998, I received my BA from Bradley University in Psychology and worked within Chicago Public Schools at Lyman A. Budlong School.  At Budlong, I was the Dean of Students / Truancy Office for a pre-k through 8th grade building for five years.   In 2000, I then went on for a Master's (MSW) in Social Work at Loyola University Chicago.  I completed my social work internship at Hinsdale Central High School.  I spent three years as a social worker within the Plainfield School District at Plainfield North High School, Heritage Grove Middle School as well as Central Elementary School.  I decided to continue to further my knowledge and experience by completing an additional master's degree in 2004 from Northern Illinois University in Administration and Leadership.  Upon completion of the master's program, I also pursued the Ed S program at Northern Illinois University.  I recently completed all of the course work and examinations to be able to begin the work on my dissertation this fall.  I am currently the Interim Director of the K-8 Regular Education Summer Program within the Plainfield School District.    I served as Interim Assistant Principal at Grand Prairie, Charles Reed and Central Elementary Schools this past year.  

Overall, I enjoy working with educators, to help them enhance their own skills for the betterment and success of our children.  I enjoy reading the most up to date trends in education and love to collaborate with staff to share ideas to further student and staff growth.   In my free time, I enjoy spending quality time with my husband and two children, watching them grow each and every day.

Name: Carol Speckman
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 848-3925
Contact Phone #2: 346-6219 or 717-4139
Degree Level/Concentration: Masters Degree in Reading

Professional Background:
An educator for the past 28 years, I began my career teaching in private facilities for severe and profound multiple handicapped children and later moved to an EMH setting in Maywood, Illinois. For the past 21 years I have worked at Jefferson Junior High School in Naperville District 203. Here, I taught instructional students for nearly 10 years and moved to sixth grade language arts for five years where I worked with both gifted and mainstreamed students. The last 3 years I have been employed as a reading specialist for grades 6 - 8.

Name: Bridgette Sprovieri
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 815-254-9758 home
Contact Phone #2: 815-836-2724 8-3 only office
Contact Phone #3: 708-372-1777 BEST cell
Degree Level/Concentration: Bachelors in Science and Social work Quincy University, Masters in Social Work- Aurora University, Masters in Teaching, Leadership and Special Education, Lewis University, Doctorate in Educational Leadership- In Process- Northern Illinois University

Professional Background:
My professional background is mainly in specail educaino and behaivor disorders students. I worked as a dean of special education for 8 years, prior to becoming an Assistant principal. my passion is Special Education Law and advocaty for student rights.

Name:  Ann Stacy
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630-539-7097
Contact Phone #2 (Cell): 630-267-1798
Degree Level/Concentration: Masters in Education, Administration

Professional Background: 
Worked at Lake Park High School for 32 years; taught Family and Consumer Science 7 years, Assistant Dean 2 years, Dean of Students 6 years, Assistant Principal 17 years.  Served several years on the Illinois State Dean's Association Board and the Illinois Principals Association, DuPage Region board and was the Regional Director for the Illinois Women's Association

Name: Andrea Stein
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 847-459-1781
Contact Phone #2: 847-858-1781 (cell)
Degree Level/Concentration: MA - School Service Personnel (Guidance and Counselling); Administrative/Type 75; BA - Education

Professional Background:
I have over 30 years experience in education. Before retiring, I was an administrator in Wilmette District #39 and Barrington CUSD 220. Prior to my years in administration, I servced as a Guidance Counselor in Libertyville District #70. Before my counselor position, I spent many years as a classroom teacher. Currently, I am working as a RESPRO Coach for the Kane County ROE. I work primarily in the area of School Improvement. I assist schools in developing and implementing their School Improvement Plans. I also do presentations and workshops in the areas of Reading and School Leadership.

Name: Amanda Stochl
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 847-347-3824 cell
Degree(s) Acquired: B.S. Elementary Education M.Ed Educational Leadership

Professional Background:
I have been fortunate to work in several capacities in education. I have taught primary and intermediate grades, worked with students ages 3-adult, facilitated summer and school programs for an independent educational organization and am currently a principal in a Pre K-8 school. My areas of specialty are in reading, brain research and multiple intelligence theory.

Name: Suzanne Strohschein
Contact Phone #1 (Cell): 630-975-2287
Degree Level/Concentration: Masters Degree Educational Administration - University of Illinois

Professional Background: 
For 35 years, I taught myriad courses in the English Department at Hinsdale Central High School and was the English Department Chair for the past 20 years.  Recently retired from that, I have taught undergraduate courses at Benedictine and several graduate courses in Educational Administration and enjoyed that experience and student contact very much, particularly because they are enthusiastic learners who are motivated to succeed in their college courses.  In addition, I am teaching part-time at The Avery Coonley School for gifted and talented children.  Presently, I am teaching grammar and composition to 5th grade and rhetoric to 7th grade, which has been a new and exciting challenge. 

Name: Pamela J. Tow
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1 (Cell): (309) 645-5755
Degree Level/Concentration: Masters – Reading; Reading Teacher Endorsement

Professional Background:
During the current 2010-2011 school year, I am teaching first grade at Garfield Elementary School in Peoria, IL. From 1999-2010, I served as Reading Coach for Peoria Public Schools at Franklin-Edison and Garfield. My earlier career included teaching first grade for eight years and one year of kindergarten. I am a trained Reading Recovery Teacher and a certified Reading and Writing Trainer for Edison Schools. I have my Reading Masters and Endorsement from Illinois State University.

Name: Amanda Tucker
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1:
Contact Phone #2:
630-739-7155 office
Degree Level/Concentration:
Masters Degree in Education Administration from Chapman University; Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education with a Special Education Minor from Augustana College

Professional Background:
I am currently employed in the Valley View School District #365U as the Assistant Principal of John R. Tibbott Elementary School in Bolingbrook, IL. Before entering administration, I spent four years out of the classroom serving as a resource specialist, site coordinator and reading coach. This enabled me to concentrate on working with teachers through demo lessons and staff development exclusively in the areas of reading and writing. In addition, I have taught both third and fourth grade.

Name: Laura Turek
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 708-846-8368
Degree Level/Concentration: BS in Middle Level Education Concentrations in Biological Science and English, MA in Education -Reading Specialist

Professional Background:
I attend Eastern Illinois University where I received a BS in Middle level education, which is centered on the development of sixth through ninth grades. I have taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade science and literature studies for 4 years. In 2007 I completed my MA with Benedictine University, and have worked with my District's goals in integrating reading and the content areas.

Name: Donna Uebler
E-Mail Address: /
Contact Phone #1: 309-274-3758
Degree Level/Concentration: BA – Northwestern University – Russian Language & Literature
MS – ISU – Clinical Reading

Professional Background:

  • 34 years of teaching in public schools
  • Taught every grade except kindergarten
  • Retired in 2003
  • Now teaching at Bradley University – Part-time in Education Department
  • Member:  IRA v IRC, NEA/IEA Retired, ASCD
  • School Board Member
  • Consultant in reading and higher order thinking skills
  • Classes Taught for Benedictine University: Action Research and Inquiry, Multicultural Literature

Name: Jill VanDerveer
E-mail Address:
Degree Level/Concentration:
Masters of Science in Reading Instruction
National Board Certified Teacher (Early Childhood Generalist)

Professional Background:
I have been teaching at the elementary level for 14 years. I have taught first grade for 11 years and currently serve as the Information Literacy Instructor at Everett Elementary School in Lake Forest. In that capacity, I work with students kindergarten-fourth grade in the library and the computer center.

Name: Jennifer M. Watkins
Contact Phone #1: 847.204.3981
Degree Level/Concentration: MA in Education Reading and Literacy

Professional Background:
I obtained my BA in Education from Illinois State University in 2004 and my MA in Education as a Reading and Literacy specialist from Benedictine University in 2008. I will be starting my sixth year of teaching this fall, and I currently teach fourth grade. I am also a Reading and Literacy Master's Program Portfolio Supervisor for Benedictine University, for some of the cohorts at CLC.

Name: Glenn Wood
E-mail Address:

Name: John Zigmond
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone #1: 630.829.1364
Contact Phone #2: 630.829.6182
Degree Level/Concentration: Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

Professional Background:
A 36-year veteran of high school teaching, coaching, and administration, John joined Benedictine University's Faculty in 2001. While he has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in the School of Education, he is the Director of the Alternative Certification Program. Presently he is teaching the Leadership Theory course in the Adult Professional Studies sector and assisting career changers to teach Mathematics or Science at the secondary school levels.