Muhammed Alaraj
Phone: 708-476-1983 (cell)
Degree Level/Concentration: Doctorate of Business Administration (D.B.A) Argosy University, Chicago. Completion Nov 2009. Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.) (Saint Xavier University, Orland Park / Chicago 2007) Bachelor of Science in Economics (University Illinois at Chicago, 1989)
Licensed Real-estate Agent at (Illinois) (2005)
Licensed Public Health director (Illinois) (2000)

Professional Background:
Over the last twenty five years my life has been centralized in the business and trading work field as an entrepreneur , I have dedicated rigorous hours to providing my family with the various necessities needed to survive. Through my children I have embraced the many qualities like patience and perseverance- these qualities are also needed in order to withhold a functioning in classroom. I have also organized the first Arab American Bank in US; a bank that was founded by the basic principles of respect and responsibility. Later on in my career I decided to venture outside of my comfort zone, and received a certificate in real estate becoming a licensed realtor. I had soon overwhelmed myself with work and was not feeling at all satisfied, I was still yearning for something else and that was knowledge. My true passion was revolved around books and various types of data analysis, so in the fall of 2006 I made the decision to enroll myself in a Masters Program at St. Xavier University, in addition to my educational career I am currently enrolled at a DBA program at Argosy University. I have learned to balance my personal life with my social life through different classes that I have taught like Decision Making, Supervision Today, and Perception of Leadership. Knowledge has much more value to me than the businesses I have established because these businesses can make you money, but the money comes and goes; however, the pure knowledge one obtains will eternally light a flame of truth. I am currently teaching at Westwood College Woodridge, Westwood College O’Hare, Benedictine University, and Argosy University. My life has been filled with different types of adversities, however through these obstacles I have made myself stronger and I hope to enlighten the lives of those who are touched with knowledge and make a difference in their lives.