Jennifer M. Brown
Phone: 708-969-7052
Degree Level/Concentration: Undergraduate, Management/ Leadership Development


Professional Background:
Jennifer M. Brown has served as a senior-level administrator for 17+ years in higher education administration. Positions held include serving as Dean of Academic Affairs at ITT Technical Institute/ESI Corporation for 6 years, Assistant Director, School of Computer Science & Telecommunications for close to 2 years and as the Program Coordinator of Computer Science & Telecommunications Department for 8 years at Roosevelt University. She has also served as Registrar/Admissions Director at Malcolm X College. As a functional manager, Ms. Brown is skilled in measuring performance and taking appropriate actions, setting and measuring performance objectives, arranging tasks and people in order to accomplish goals, and inspiring employees to work towards achieving high performance. Some of her accomplishments at ITT Tech/ESI Corporation include: achieving a low 2.65% annual attrition rate versus a budget of 2.8% and ranking 8 out 78 ITT Technical Colleges across the country for earning the company's highest new student completion rate. She holds an MBA in Marketing and BSBA in Business Administration from Roosevelt University. She is currently in the dissertation phase of her doctorate degree in Educational Administration & Organizational Leadership at Roosevelt University.