Anthony E. Cascino
Phone: (847) 702 8015 (cell), (312) 474-6443 (home)
Degree Level/Concentration: JD - Illinois Institute of Technology-Chicago/Kent College of Law


Professional Background:
Anthony E. Cascino, Jr. is a partner in the law firm of Cascino & Associates, P.C. and is the Chief Operating Officer of Hirsch capital Corp. He has been the General Counsel of Insurance Holding Companies and Property & Casualty insurers for the last 21 years. Prior to his current positions, following 4 years as the General Counsel of Echelon Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries Echelon Property & Casualty Insurance Company and Echelon Premium Finance Corporation, he was elected President & CEO of each of those entities. Following 2 years of successful operations, the Companies were recently sold. While continuing as a consultant to Echelon, he is re-establishing his firm of Cascino & Associates, P.C., specializing in providing on-site legal services to insurance companies. As COO of Hirsch Capital, he is directing the acquisition of US insurance companies for foreign corporate investors and will manage the insurers after acquisition. He holds a BA from Loyola University, a JD from the Illinois Institute of Technology-Chicago/Kent College of Law and an MBA from Northwestern University’s Graduate School of Management.