Larry A. Ciupik
Phone: 312-322-0313
Degree Level/Concentration: BA and MS in Astronomy from Northwestern University

Professional Background:
Larry Ciupik, senior Astronomer at the Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum and widely respected innovator in astronomy and science education, has made a career out of continually finding creative new ways to teach the "whole story" of the Universe.


Ciupik's diverse research interests involve optical and gamma-ray variability of active galactic nuclei. In these studies he uses Adler's Doane Observatory and observatories in Arizona -- including the VERITAS array of four giant gamma-ray telescopes south of Tucson. He writes science articles for the Adler's members' newsletter, the Adler website, and the Astronomy Department newsletter; manages public observing events; and remains a primary contact for media interviews. From 1986 until 2002, Ciupik produced over 40 sky shows for the traditional Zeiss Sky Theater and the newer full-dome video StarRider Theater.


Ciupik has taught college Astronomy classes throughout the Chicagoland area for over 20 years and currently teaches at Benedictine University and Indiana University Northwest. Ciupik has written extensively about astronomy, with articles appearing in publications such as The Planetarian and McGraw-Hill's Encyclopedia of Science and Technology. He also wrote the children's book The Universe and co-authored Space Machines.