Mark Collins
Phone: 630 551-2235, 630 853-9865 (cell)
Degree Level/Concentration: Bachelors of Arts, University of Pittsburgh (1990) Communication & Rhetorical Studies, Masters of Arts, Duquesne University (2005) Leadership and Liberal Studies, Doctorate of Education Candidate, National-Louis University (2011) - Adult and Continuing Education.

Professional Background:
Mark is an educator with extensive experience teaching in both academic and corporate settings. He is a training and development leader with a track record of getting results with creativity and strategic focus, who also understands how to motivate, develop meaningful relationships, and create synergistic environments. A strategist who believes that education in the modern world is a means to amplify ability, improve efficiency and advance personal and organizational possibilities. His course teaching concentrations include humanities, cross cultural communication, business management, and speech.