Susan K. Davis
Phone: 630-305-3982, 630-305-4144
Degree Level/Concentration: Masterís in Liberal Arts, Bachelorís in Applied Behavioral Science, Associateís in Graphic Design


Professional Background:
My love of ideas and curiosity concerning our roots as a human race propelled me to obtain a masterís degree in liberal arts. The broad spectrum of religion, philosophy, literature and art encompassed in humanities appeals to my artistic nature. Exploring the disciplines within humanities enabled me to better grasp the connections that exist between virtually everything. As an artist, studying humanities has expanded my definition of what art encompasses and provides a geographical and historical component that increases understanding.

In addition to teaching humanities, I have worked in the field of graphic design for the past 28 years. I have owned and operated a design studio for 17 of those years. I am also trained as a fine artist and enjoy painting and drawing.

I have worked as a substitute teacher in district 203, as well as a classroom assistant, offering help to those children needing extra support. I currently provide art therapy to children with learning differences.