Donald F. Gushurst
Phone: 630-527-4367, 630-696-5759 (cell)
Degree Level/Concentration: MBA Business Administration and BA- Business Administration, Benedictine University


Professional Background:
Donald Gushurst is a career executive at Molex Incorporated with over 33 years of experience in the electronic component industry and B2B market place. He currently holds the position of Director, Marketing Operations Services and is actively implementing a marketing automation platform within the Molex Global Sales and Marketing Division. In addition to his current role, Don has held many other positions at Molex during his career, including; Director; Global Demand Creation, Director; Americas Industry Marketing, Director; Multinational Accounts, Global Account Manager; Apple Computer, Worldwide Account Manager; Xerox Corporation, Assistant Sales Manager; Molex Brazil and Sales Engineer; Molex Canada.


He has several years of experience conducting business on an International basis and has traveled extensively across Europe, South Americas, Asia and the Pacific Rim while employed for Molex.