Annette Harris
Phone: 630-730-3130
Degree Level/Concentration: Masters of Science Degree, Counseling Psychology


Professional Background:
Annette Harris is a specialist in organization development, leadership, and training. She is founder and principal of Sonrise International, a human resource management firm located in Chicago, Illinois. Ms. Harris has over 17 years of extensive and diverse experience in the field of industrial organization psychology.

She has worked extensively with corporations, universities, schools, governments, and professional groups. She has assessed organization development needs, conducted culture audits, led cultural change initiatives, developed HR strategies, and translated organizational effectiveness strategies into corporate profits.

Ms. Harris has also developed, designed, and facilitated a suite of learning and development programs at State Farm Insurance Companies, General Electric (GE), Advocate BroMenn Healthcare, Verizon Wireless, Bank of Illinois, BP North America, Oklahoma Department of Commerce, Illinois State University and Oklahoma University.

While consulting at Oklahoma University, she served as a member of the Curriculum Planning Committee where she designed and evaluated education curricula for senior executives at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). She also teamed with business executives to co-pilot the FAA cultural diversity training in the southwest, as well as trained instructors and business consultants on how to conduct workshops and seminars on workforce diversity for the FAA.

In addition to her work as a consultant, Ms. Harris appeared on “CBS Good Morning” as an “Analyst” with Harry Smith and Paula Zahn on the diverse cabinet selection of President William Jefferson Clinton.