Gregory A. Johnson
Phone: 708-705-6488 (cell)
Degree Level/Concentration: B.S. in Accounting from Governors State University (graduate in 2001) and M.S. in Accounting focusing on Auditing and Management from Governors State University (graduate in 2006).


Professional Background:
I have over 9 years of work in the cost accounting field. I started in the accounting field in 1999 as an entry level plant accountant at a manufacturing company called AGI, monitoring the day to day transactions of jobs run through the plant. From there, I went on to be the Cost Accounting Supervisor, in charge of inventory for 5 locations. My job consisted of coordinating monthly and yearly physical inventories for all locations and inventory level tracking. From there, I switched roles to become a Cost Analyst, analyzing jobs for profitability and reporting on those jobs monthly. In 2007, I left AGI to become the Senior Cost Accountant at Tellabs, where I am still employed. My duties there consist of OCOS monitoring, with warranty, royalty, standard change and PPV analysis being some of my responsibilities.