Roxanne M. Larcher
Phone: 630-689-3611
Degree Level/ Concentration: Master of Science: Management Systems (Concentration: International Marketing);
Bachelor of Science: Marketing;
Bachelor of Science: Social Sciences


Professional Background:
With nearly two decades experience as a marketing and communication professional, Ms. Larcher has held multiple leadership positions including Marketing and Communication Leader at General Electric (GE) and Vice President of Marketing and Communication at TSG Real Estate. She has served in the industries of finance, manufacturing, professional services and not-for-profit trade associations and has worked for Fortune 5 companies, small privately-held corporations and start up companies. Ms. Larcher is currently the Principal of RSI Consulting. Established in 2003, this firm specializes in Marketing, Communication and Public Relations. She is the recipient of numerous awards and has received high-level business recognition for her work in the marketing and communication field.


In addition to the national business arena, Ms. Larcher travels to the Middle East at least twice a year. As the founder of Roxanne's Studio, Inc., Ms. Larcher has developed an extensive Middle Eastern performing arts program. During her travels, she conducts business with various merchants, lives with families in their homes to study culture and the sociology of the Middle East and studies with internationally respected artists. She is a frequent contributor to international Middle Eastern art publications, has presented papers and is often a guest lecturer in schools, civic groups and cultural centers. Ms. Larcher was the recipient of the National Endowment for Humanities Young Scholar and has published her resulting work: The Coming of the Holocaust: The Response of the NYC Media, 1930-1938.