Aaron J. Lawler
Phone: 630-220-9565, 630-220-9565 (cell)
Degree Level/Concentration: MA in Liberal Studies (Interdisciplinary Studies, Integrating Art, Science and Mathematics),  BA in Fine Art & Graphic Art and K-12 Education


Professional Background:
I have a diverse background combining experience in the fields of education, graphic design and business management. I have been an educator for over eight years at various age levels ranging from children to adults, and in various subject matters and programs, including: Humanities, Art History, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Web Design, Multimedia, Writing, Professional Development, Technology in the Classroom, and Technology in the Workplace, among others.


I have developed and implemented numerous curriculums, pulled from my thesis work at North Central College, each focusing on: integrating the sciences and the arts, developing creativity and critical thinking skills, cultivating an aesthetic sense, working towards self-directed learning, advancing social entrepreneurship and innovation, and maintaining professionalism.


Prior to teaching, I worked at Walgreens for eight years as a Department Head, a Business Management Intern and an Assistant Store Manager. During my time off as an educator, I moonlighted as a self-employed graphic designer, web designer and illustrator, running my own design studio: AeroLaw Studios, and have done so for 11 years.