Wanda Martin-Terry
Degree Level/Concentration: MLE – Harvard University, Master of Business Administration (MBA Management) — University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, Master of Science (MS-Curriculum & Instruction) — University of Wisconsin-Whitewater


Professional Background:
The opportunity to leverage my professional skills as a Leader, Executive and Strategist is practiced daily in my formal role as an employee with a major company in Chicago. This association positions me to practice the art of effective communication, ensure that knowledge transfer and knowledge management strategies are optimal and construct organizational change efforts to align with planned technical innovation and emerging growth.
My passion for education and commitment to lifelong learning is ongoing and I treasure opportunities where I am engaged as a life coach, mentor, motivator or inspirational speaker collaborating to stage success for individuals through volunteerism for agencies and with community-based organizations.

I am a God enthusiast – working each day to align my thinking and interactions with the precepts of the Gospel; seeking, serving, becoming, being. This approach allows me to live purposefully and encourage all persons in my path to do the same. I welcome intellectual dialogue and view all opportunities to encourage others in a discourse of learning where both parties share and retrieve information; actions which leads to richer experiences.

The noted academic preparation and professional experiences are a small reflection of who I am. My inspiration and motivations are driven from being one who wears many hats given my role as a spouse, daughter, parent, writer, and dreamer. Important, too, are the numerous friendships fostered over time. The blend of personal and professional interests creates the perfect love affair with life and living – positioning me to welcome the ‘journey’ and meet each day with enthusiasm and expectation.

My teaching style is premised upon a belief that collaborative learning is optimal. Understanding this, I would expect the student / instructor relationship to be wholly successful and one where opportunities for learning are bi-directional.