Michael Polich
Phone: 815-403-0788
Degree Level/Concentration: MA, ABD in anthropology

Professional Background: I'm a cultural anthropologist with a specialty in native American culture. Cultural anthropology has been a passion of mine since I was a teenager. I enjoy exploring the diverse ways that people around the world live their lives. I think that an awareness of different cultures is especially relevant to today's much globalized, and very multicultural, world.

I'm especially focused on ethno history, or the study of history using non-Western perspectives. I've spent the last ten years researching the role of the Cherokee syllabary in Cherokee culture, as well as translating some previously un-translated Cherokee documents to explore their historical value. I am particularly interested in ways that the Cherokee have retained their separate cultural identity, while at the same time successfully acculturating to the dominant Euro-American society around them.


I have been teaching college level classes for the past eleven years, in subjects ranging from cultural anthropology, human geography, ethics, native North American culture, and globalization.