Charnell Thomas, MASEd
Phone:(773) 213-7707 (cell)
Degree Level/Concentration: MA Inner City Studies Education (Northeastern Illinois University), MS Ed Adult and Higher Education (Northern Illinois University), and completing doctoral work in Adult and Higher Education by Spring 2011.


Professional Background:
I have been in the field of education since 1998, in which I have taught in K-12 environments for Chicago Public Schools and adult learning in higher education. Throughout my pre-service coursework and clinical practices, child, family, and community development has been my focus. Currently as an adult instructor I teach the foundations of humanities, social sciences, and psychology topics through an experiential-learning methodology in adult and continuing education. As an adult and higher education practitioner, I am responsible for building partnerships with colleges and universities and community based organizations in Illinois. I also co-manage a department at an institution that emphasizes experiential learning for undergraduate students. Throughout my professional endeavors my membership has been committed to advisory boards and professional organizations in academia. Based on Benedictine University principles of mission, vision, and values my teaching philosophy fosters studentsí learning, promote scholarship, and create equitable and safe environments for lifelong learners.