Dr. Nicholas Trongale
Phone: 630-889-6673 (Work)
Degree Level/Concentration: Doctorate in Education, Masters in Political Science, Masters in National Security Affairs, Bachelors in Philosophy, Federal Executive Fellowship, Executive Training


Professional Background:
Dr. Trongale was born in Chicago. He attended school at Dominican University, Naval Postgraduate School, Stanford University, Harvard University and the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, CA where he was Federal Executive Research Fellow. Dr. Trongale is a retired Navy captain who flew carrier aircraft and drove deep draft ships. His last assignment in the Navy was as Chief of Staff, Abraham Lincoln Battle Group and Task Force 50 where he was responsible for in excess of 30 ships in the Persian Gulf and Red Sea. Since retiring from the Navy, Dr. Trongale was the Director of Strategic Programs at the University of San Diego, President, College of Oceaneering in Los Angeles, and he worked program management for NASA as its Unmanned Air Vehicle Flight Integration Planning Team Lead.