BenU ACCA Spring Seminar 2018 Schedule

Biology Seminar on Gene Editing

Benedictine University
Birck Hall of Science, BK 112
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


 Date  Title   Speaker  Affiliation
 February 13
 Methods and Mechanisms of Gene Editing in Plants  Caroline Oldstone-Moore  U of C
 February 20
 Gene Editing in the Age of CRISPR  Gayle Woloschak  Northwestern
 February 27  RNA editing: a conserved mechanism to increase genetic diversity  Valerie Blanc  Wash U
 March 6
 How to get from fins to fingers  Tom Stewart  U of C
 March 27
 Using ancient genes to understand the evolution of modern molecular functions and organismal physiology  Mo Siddiq  U of C
 April 3
 TBD  Ryan Clark  UIC
 April 10
 Evolution and Genetics of Adaptation and Speciation  Darli Massardo  U of C
 April 17
 Knocking Out Cancer: Using CRISPR as a Tool for Discovery and Therapy  Anant Lab  Kansas Univ.
 April 24
 Genome editing in skin stem cells  Xiaoyang Wu  U of C


Free parking is easiest to find in the lot immediately south of Birck Hall, or in the parking garage southwest of Birck.

Updated 1/26/18