Traditional Undergraduate Semester (SEM) Programs


Tuition and Fees

Full-Time Students
(12-18 credit hours)
  Year Tuition and Fees $33,900
  Semester Tuition $16,200
  Semester Student Service Fee $750

Overload Tuition Fee
(per credit hour over 18)
  Equal to semester hour part time rate

Part-Time Students
(1-11 credit hours)
  Tuition (per credit hour) $1,080
  Student Service fee (per credit hour) $60

  Summer 2017 Tuition for visiting students (per credit hour) $1,030
  Summer 2017 Tuition for BenU students (per credit hour) $600

Audit (no credit)
  Summer 2017 Tuition (per credit hour) $600

Intensive English Program
  Semester Tuition $6,000

Room and Board Charges

Residence Halls
per semester
  Jaeger Hall $3,165
  Neuzil Hall $3,580
  Ondrak Hall $3,165
  Cancellation fee $200
  Private room surcharge (per term) $525
  Room change fee $50
  Security deposit $125
  Unlimited Meal Plan plus $50 Munch Money (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Resident Students) $1,735
  14 meals per week plus $150 Munch Money Meal Plan (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Resident Students) $1,630
  10 meals per week plus $350 Munch Money Meal Plan (Sophomore, Junior and Senior Resident Students) $1,525
  5 meals per week plus $850 Munch Money Meal Plan (Sophomore, Junior and Senior Resident Students) $1,525

Founders' Woods
per semester
  4 BR, 2 BTH (per person) $4,130
  2 BR, 1 BTH (per person) $4,685
  2 BR, 2 BTH (per person) $4,945
  1 BR, 1 BTH (per person) $6,115
  Cancellation fee $300
  Room change fee $100
  Security deposit $125
  Founders’ Woods Block 50 (50 meals) Meal Plan $400
  Founders’ Woods Block 30 (30 meals) plus $250 Munch Money Meal Plan $500

Course-related Charges per Semester

  (Nonrefundable after the first week of the semester)
  Applications of Pathophysiology and Pharmacy Therapeutics to Clinical Reasoning Proficiency Testing Fee $125
  Applied Music (per credit hour) $370
  Biochemistry/Chemistry lab $165
  Biology lab $100-$145
  Blended course fee $80
  Chemistry lab $175
  Communication $50-$65
  Comprehensive Health and Physical Assessment Proficiency Testing fee $175
  Daniel L. Goodwin College of Business undergraduate computer lab $25-$100
  Computer Science lab $10-$30
  Education $30-$50
  Education student teaching (per course) - Elementary/Secondary $130
  Education student teaching (per course) - Special Education $65
  Environmental lab $420
  Exercise Physiology $155
  Fine Arts $10-$105
  Fine Arts Ceramic $100
  Graphic Arts and Design $105
  Health Science $160
  Mathematics lab $65
  Music $10-$730
  Natural Science lab $135-$170
  Nutrition lab $27.50-$170
  Physical Education Assessment $33
  Physical Science lab $80
  Physics lab $100-$165
  Professional liability insurance market rate
  Research Methods $38
  Statistics $35
  Trading lab fee $25
  All course related charges subject to change. See the current course schedule for updates. Students are responsible for securing required textbooks and other educational resources prior to the start of each course.

Administrative Service Charges

  Administrative fee $250
  Advanced placement credit posting fee (per examination credited) $30
  Application fee $40
  Certification fee $25
  CLEP posting fee (per examination credited) $30
  Diploma red cover $10
  Duplicate Diploma fee $25
  Electronic transcript fee $5
  Enrollment deposit $200
  Express transcript mailing (per address) $30
  Graduation fee $145
  Insufficient Funds (NSF) fee $25
  Late payment fee $100
  International student orientation fee $300
  New student orientation fee $250
  Paper transcript fee $10
  Placement test posting fee $10
  Special Examination $5
  Work/Life Experience fee
(per credit hour granted)

All tuition and fees are subject to change without further notice.
Office of Admissions:
(630) 829-6300

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