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As we welcome our new President and begin an exciting new era at Benedictine University, you have a unique opportunity to help update the University’s Mission Statement and Vision Statement. If you would like to participate, please read the information below and complete the following survey by Tuesday, March 1, 2016.

The existing Statements were adopted in 2002, and the University has changed considerably since that time. In 2016 Benedictine University offers courses online and in person to traditional and adult learners within graduate and undergraduate programs on branches across the country and around the world. 

In December 2015, recognizing how the University had grown, President. Brophy assigned a group of Benedictine faculty and staff the task of of updating the University’s Mission and Vision Statements so as to make them more reflective of current realities and more expressive of future aspirations. The President’s Task Force is presently seeking input from key stakeholders, including faculty, staff, students, monks, sisters, and alumni.

What is a Mission Statement? 

A organization’s Mission Statement describes its nature and operations . 

Current Mission Statement 

Benedictine University dedicates itself to the education of undergraduate and graduate students from diverse ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds. As an academic community committed to liberal arts and professional education, distinguished and guided by its Roman Catholic tradition and Benedictine heritage, the University prepares its students for a lifetime as active, informed and responsible citizens and leaders in the world community.

What is a Vision Statement? 

An organization’s Vision Statement articulates how it might improve in order to advance its mission better.  BenU’s Vision Statement should articulate some important general goal(s) that it could seek to realize by 2026. 

Current Vision Statement 

Benedictine University is a Catholic university in the Benedictine tradition that provides a values-centered liberal arts education enriched by our excellence in science. 

On the basis of its study, analysis and consultation to date, the Task Force believes that the University’s Mission and Vision Statements need to change for three reasons:

  1. In speaking of the “Roman Catholic tradition” and the “Benedictine heritage,” our Mission Statement and Vision Statement make the University’s religious character seem more like a relic of the past than an active commitment. 
  2. The Vision Statement does not hold out any important general goal to which the members of the University might collectively aspire so as to improve our institution.
  3. In foregrounding the University’s excellence in just one area, our Vision Statement downgrades many other areas. 
Your input is important to us! Please complete the following survey to provide your feedback on what you would like to include in the updated statements.


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