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The Office of Alumni Development presents a monthly webinar series offered FREE to all alumni and students. Each episode is designed to provide insight and advice on how to succeed both personally and professionally.


The Platinum Law - The Ultimate Leadership Strategy

Friday, November 7 | Noon - 1:00 p.m. CST
Hosted by Heather Christie, C92

Participants will learn how to increase their level of influence.   Whether you are interviewing for your ideal job, looking to increase sales or effectively lead a team or an organization, your results will never exceed your level of influence.  Heather will teach you a simple four step model to help you identify different personality styles and adapt your behavior to maximize your results.


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Heather Christie
About Heather Christie

Heather Christie has an amazing background that's as varied as the people she coaches. She is an attorney and professional services entrepreneur, a former Partner is a Prestigious 100 Attorney Chicago law firm where she practiced as a state, federal and international lobbyist. Heather is a Certified Executive & Leadership Coach, owner of an ActionCOACH Executive Coaching franchise and a founding partner of the John Maxwell Leadership Coaching Team. Heather coaches CEO's and the Executive Teams on strategy, execution, sales and leadership. She is consistently ranked as one of the top coaches in the world out of 1,000 coaches in 46 countries in the ActionCOACH system. In March 2014, she was ranked #2 in the world. Her guiding principle is to increase leadership through influence. She does this by showing her clients how to build their self-mastery, anticipate and embrace change, and adapt their behavioral style to influence others to increase results.

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