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Tuition Freedom Day: The Day that Donors Pick Up the Bill...

Tuition Freedom Day symbolizes the day tuition is no long sufficient enough to pay for the cost of attendance at Benedictine University and donors cover the rest. The actual cost of attending Benedictine is around $34,467, and about 1/3 of what students pay in tuition is covered by donors. Every year, Tuition Freedom Day kicks off Donor Awareness Month. It is a great opportunity for students to show their appreciation for those who make their education possible.

The Donor Awareness Canvas

The Donor Awareness canvas is a physical representation of BenU students' appreciation for all that donors do for Benedictine University. During Tuition Freedom Day, students that are on campus sign the canvas and write notes of gratitude to donors. After the Donor Awareness canvas was unveiled at the Scholars Society celebration, it was hung in the Krasa Center in front of the University Development offices and next to the bookstore for all to see.