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Who's Who Among Benedictine University Alumni

The Who's Who Among Benedictine University Alumni awards were established to recognize alumni for the many personal and professional accomplishments they have achieved since graduating from Benedictine University. With a mix of professions, personal histories and achievements, Benedictine alumni represent a diverse group of incredibly talented and gifted individuals. These awards celebrate that diversity and highlight those who have embraced the Benedictine values in their personal and professional lives. Who's Who Among Benedictine University Alumni honorees serve as representative pillars to the campus and community as they continue to showcase the strength of the foundation on which Benedictine University has flourished.

The Who's Who Among Benedictine University Alumni awards are split into two categories: the Visionaries and the Rising Stars.

Rising Stars

The Rising Star award recognizes alumni whose careers and lives are on the rise. They have accomplished much in their relatively short time since leaving Benedictine (in most cases, less than 25 years). These alumni are well on their way to leading boardrooms, curing seemingly "incurable" diseases and affecting policy changes at state and national levels. They have already begun to set themselves apart from their peers in their respective industries. The Rising Stars represent the "ones to watch" among the Who's Who as their careers are just taking off. We look forward to seeing them continue to shape the world around them as their lives continue to progress.

In order to be considered for a Rising Star award, nominees must:

  1. Be a Benedictine University or Illinois Benedictine College alumnus
  2. Have earned an undergraduate degree* from a collegiate institution within the last 25 years (1991-present)
  3. Have made a considerable impact in their respective career field in a short amount of time and shown dedication to continuing to make an impact in their area(s) of expertise
  4. Display a growing commitment to community and philanthropic endeavors

*Alumni who graduated from Benedictine with their Master's degree are still eligible for a Rising Star award. However, their eligibility is measured from the year they earned their undergraduate degree, even if that degree was earned at another institution.


The Visionaries represent alumni from our institution who have gone out into the world, affected change and transformed their industries for the better. While these alumni come from a variety of backgrounds, all Visionaries have one thing in common: their leadership, ideas and passion have helped to move their field forward. As the name of the award suggests, their "vision" has been a driving force in their lives and that vision has inspired and improved the lives of others. While they may or may not be nearing the pinnacle of their careers, they are lifelong learners, movers and shakers who will continue to make a difference in the world professionally and philanthropically. Second only to the Distinguished Alumni Award given at Homecoming each year, this is one of the highest awards given to an alumnus of the University.

In order to be considered for a Visionary award, nominees must:

  1. Be a Benedictine University, Illinois Benedictine College or St. Procopius College alumnus
  2. Have reached the upper echelon of their respective career field. This can mean many things depending on the field: In business, he or she may be a senior executive from a Fortune 100 company or the founder and C.E.O. of a small business;in science, a Visionary might be doctor who has conducted ground-breaking research;in education, they may be principals, college professors or award-winning teachers.
  3. Have effectively created, developed and implemented a vision that drives their field forward
  4. Have made a significant impact on their community through work with non-profit organizations, volunteer boards or other philanthropic endeavors

While the Rising Star award is reserved for alumni who graduated less than 25 years ago, the Visionary award is not restricted by class year. Those alumni who might otherwise be nominated for a Rising Star award based on class year may be considered for a Visionary award if they meet the criteria listed above.

Those who received a Rising Star award in the past may also be considered for a Visionary award as their careers continue to progress.

The 2016 Who's Who Among Benedictine University Alumni award class will be composed of ten Rising Stars and five Visionaries.

Please note: We receive many deserving nominations every year, but unfortunately we cannot honor everyone with an award. All nominations are kept on file so that nominees not chosen one year may be considered in subsequent years and/or for other alumni awards.