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Planned Giving

The  Office of University Development is committed to the continued advancement of  Benedictine University. We challenge our alumni and donors to support the  University in order to transform our future and ensure the growth and  development of the institution and our students.

You can leave a legacy for future generations by giving a bequest to Benedictine University. The term "bequest" generally refers to a gift made at your death through your Will, revocable trust, insurance policy, retirement account or other estate planning technique. To give to Benedictine at your death, you can include a provision in your Will or revocable trust; you can name Benedictine University as the designated or contingent beneficiary of your individual retirement account or other retirement plan; or you can designate Benedictine as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy. You can also name Benedictine under payable on death accounts or under transfer on death designations of stock certificates. Following are advantages of providing for the University through a bequest at your death.

Potential Bequest Benefits

  • Retain control and benefit of your assets during your lifetime
  • Decrease size of your taxable estate
  • Create a legacy that will significantly impact the future of Benedictine University
  • Create an endowment which will continue your lifetime giving to Benedictine University

Designation of Your Bequest

Undesignated bequests are of special importance to Benedictine since they allow the University to use your gift for its most pressing needs at the time the bequest is distributed. However, the University welcomes your designated bequest when a specific aspect of the University’s mission is important to you. In planning a designated bequest to Benedictine, it is best to allow the use of the bequest for multiple aspects of Benedictine’s mission in case an originally designated program no longer exists or if unanticipated difficulties in funding arise since the time you planned the bequest. Please make sure that designations are to approved programs. If at all possible, discuss your bequest with us to ensure a smooth implementation of your plans and objectives at the time of the bequest distribution.

Bequest Language

A charitable bequest can be a fixed dollar amount, a percentage of the total estate or a percentage of the residual estate. The following are examples of bequest language.

Specific Dollar Amount Gift:
"I hereby give the sum of $________ to Benedictine University, located in Lisle, Illinois."

Specific Percentage of Estate Gift:
"I hereby give ________ percent of my estate (or "my Trust assets" if using a Living Trust) to Benedictine University, located in Lisle, Illinois."

Bequest with Benedictine University as Contingent Beneficiary:
"In the event that any of my above-named beneficiaries do not survive me, I hereby direct that their shares be distributed to Benedictine University, located in Lisle, Illinois."

We encourage you to provide us with information concerning your bequest, including copies of documents naming Benedictine University as a bequest beneficiary. Not only does this provide encouragement to us, but it allows us to better understand your intentions regarding the use of your gift and to appropriately respond to your executor or trustee at your death. All such documents are kept in our confidential files.

If you intend to include Benedictine University in your Will, you should consult with your estate planning attorney to plan and implement such provisions in order to ensure the legality of your bequest language. Please feel free to discuss with us any aspect of your bequest, especially if you are interested in setting up a deferred gift or endowed scholarship through your Will or estate plan.



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