Don Gushurst
Bachelor of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration
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Don Gushurst was happy with his job and the place he worked, but because of the uncertain business climate, he wanted to give his resume a long overdue shot in the arm with an undergraduate degree.

He just could never find the time or the right program.

"Getting an undergraduate degree was a personal goal that I had previously set, but I could not find the time or the program to pursue," he said.

That's when he discovered the Adult Accelerated Programs at Benedictine University. Gushurst not only completed an undergraduate degree in business, he continued his education and earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

Now, he's ready to compete in the marketplace...should the need arise.

"My degrees remove a barrier," Gushurst said. "In today's competitive marketplace, your resume needs to make a difference. By completing my undergraduate degree and then adding an MBA, I feel I can compete better within my own organization if I wanted to pursue a new position."

Benedictine's MBA program has been preparing students for managerial roles in corporate and human service organizations for more than 40 years. Students gain superior, practical management skills, learn the best business practices, and gain a sense of personal and lifelong commitment to improving leadership.

"The classes were thought-provoking," Gushurst said. "They provided an opportunity for some of us to share our vast work experience as it related to the course content, and the study group environment made for an interesting balance of learning and people management. The teachers were excellent and I always felt that I earned my grades."

Many of Benedictine's instructors bring real-world experience to the classroom. One of them had a particularly profound effect on Gushurst.

"His class preparation and management demonstrated to me how an adult education course should be conducted," Gushurst said. "He was serious about his commitment, which impacted my class preparation in a positive manner. His teaching style, support and philosophy really affected me."

Motivated by this instructor, Gushurst embarked upon a parallel career.

"I learned that hard work eventually pays off, and the sacrifice to complete my undergraduate degree and then pursue my MBA has positioned me to enter an additional profession – academics," he said.

Gushurst joined the faculty in the Benedictine MBA program as a part-time instructor. He now shares his knowledge and years of corporate experience with others seeking to move up in the business world.

He credits the Adult Accelerated Programs at Benedictine for opening a whole new world of opportunity to him.

"Not every program can offer the type of flexibility or learning environment that Benedictine has developed," Gushurst said. "Benedictine removed 'perceived' obstacles that folks like me previously used as excuses for not completing or pursuing our education."