Campus Ministry at Benedictine University is where faith is united to the intellectual nature of the University in the pursuit of truth; where the wider community can become engaged in civil discourse about the moral implications of faith; where the desire to serve is reflective of faith and love for each other; and the ability to develop a stronger relationship between one's prayer life and work and with God can be pursued individually and communally.

Campus Ministry and its personnel provide a lived pastoral dimension to the University that is holistic for all community members - built on relationships rooted in the care of the whole person including faith formation, spiritual reflection, moral and ethical development, service and social justice, vocation and dedication to spiritual life and faith practice reflective of the Catholic and Benedictine mission and identity of the University.  Ultimately, as a Catholic university we must show that our (Catholic) faith is represented in all we do to discover the wisdom  of and engage in dialogue with others.  Campus Ministry helps the campus community accomplish that mission.

Busy Retreat - Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry celebrates the Catholic acknowledgement of the rich diversity of faiths at Benedictine University. Through our programs and services, we aim to assist Benedictine students, faculty, staff, and administration in their spiritual and personal growth.

You are invited to get involved with the wide variety of opportunities we have to offer! Whether you enjoy serving those in need, would like to use your musical talents in worship, or are seeking to learn more about your faith or others, our doors are always open!

Catholic Faith. Welcoming Spirit.