Prayer and Bereavement Requests

If you would like the Benedictine University Community to pray for you or you would like a pastoral phone call, please fill out the form below. Prayer requests will go in our prayer book located in the Interfaith Prayer Room on the first floor of Kindlon Hall. The community will be informed of bereavement notices in the Minute Meditation. We do ask, but do not insist, that you leave contact information in case we should have any questions on how to fulfill this request. Your personal information will not go beyond the Campus Ministry staff. 

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Name of person submitting the request.

Email address of person submitting form to allow us to contact if clarification is needed.

Please select your request from the drop down list.

Please add the details you feel necessary to the request. If this is a request for a staff member to appear at an event, please indicate the date, time, building and room number of the event.

Phone number of the person submitting form if requesting a call by a pastoral staff member.

Please indicate your relationship to Benedictine University. (This information helps us to know how to serve you better.)
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