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Attention all students:

Waitlist is void on the last Sunday at midnight before the first week of classes.  The "first come first serve" rule applies for all waitlists that were not automatically enrolled in the system by midnight.  While waitlists are voided on Sunday at midnight, waitlist status will still appear on your account as inactive.  If an instructor approves you into his/her class, then it is the student's responsibility to follow through immediately with officially registering for the class(es).

All students need PIN numbers to enroll in a class if it is showing as closed, even if there are open seats or if the student is currently on the waitlist with open seats.  The instructor has full control over who enrolls in the class if the class is closed.  If the class is open and there is no wait list, then there is open registration through the week, until next Sunday evening at midnight, when the add/drop has expired.  See additional waitlisted note below.

Undergraduate Administrative Drop Policy

Taking a course at a visiting school ?
Students are responsible for requesting their official transcripts be mailed from their visiting school to Benedictine's Registrars Office before deadline. Deadline for transcripts must be received in the Registrars Office before the start of the next term registration period.

Need registration help?

FYI: Waitlist (regardless if it is still showing on your schedule) does not mean you're registered for class!  Waitlist becomes a "first come, first serve" basis and with instructor signature/permission starting on the first Monday of the semester when courses begin.

Instructions for how to self-register for classes online

Instructions for how to drop most classes online
Withdrawal and refund policy

Registration problems
What do MyBenU error messages mean?

What do I do if I'm having difficulties with my login?
Contact the Help Desk at (630) 829-6684 or send an email to

Need an override to get into a class?

Use these forms after the Add/Drop Week after 1st week of school.
Part 1 - ADD Course AFTER Add/Drop Week
Part 2 - Contact names & locations for obtaining permission into a class.

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