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Illinois Articulation Initiative
Benedictine University participates in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) Agreement. The purpose of the IAI is to facilitate student transfer by identifying common curriculum requirements across associate and baccalaureate degrees, as well as across institutions. The IAI provides for the following:
  • Students admitted in transfer who have earned an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science degree from a regionally accredited Illinois community or junior college whose general education requirement for the degree incorporates the Illinois General Education Core Curriculum will have met the receiving institution's all-campus, lower-division general education requirement for the baccalaureate degree (or for a second associate degree). A receiving institution may, however, require admitted transfer students to complete an institution-wide and/or mission-related graduation requirement that is beyond the scope of the Illinois General Education Core Curriculum.
  • Students admitted in transfer who have satisfactorily completed the Illinois General Education Core Curriculum at any regionally accredited Illinois college or university prior to transfer should be granted credit in lieu of the receiving institution's all-campus, lower division general education requirement for an associate or baccalaureate degree. A receiving institution may, however, require admitted transfer students to complete an institution-wide and/or mission-related graduation requirement that is beyond the scope of the Illinois General Education Core Curriculum.
  • Students admitted in transfer who have satisfactorily completed courses within the Illinois General Education Core Curriculum at a regionally accredited Illinois college or university should be granted credit towards fulfilling the receiving institution's comparable all-campus, lower-division general education requirement.
  • Students admitted in transfer who have met program entry requirements and have satisfactorily completed courses described in an Illinois Articulation Initiative Baccalaureate Major Curriculum Recommendation at a regionally accredited Illinois college or university should be granted credit towards fulfilling the receiving institution's comparable lower-division requirements for that specific major. Where admission is competitive, completion of a Baccalaureate Major Recommendation does not guarantee admission.

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The following list indicates all Benedictine University courses currently applicable to the Illinois Articulation Initiative General Education Core Curriculum.
IAI Courses Benedictine Courses
C1 900 Writing
Course Sequence
C1 901 R Writing
Course Sequence
C2 900 Oral Comm

F1 900 Music
F1 901 Music History
And Literature I
F1 902 Music History
And Literature II
F2 900 Art
F2 901 History Of
Western Art I
F2 902 History Of
Western Art II
F2 905 Film History
And Appreciation

H1 900
Foreign Language IV

H2 901 Western
Civilization I
H2 902 Western
Civilization II
H3 900 Introduction
To Literature
H3 903 Introduction
To Poetry
H3 905 Introduction
To Shakespeare
H3 907 Western Lit
In Translation II
H3 908N Non-Western
Literature In Translation
H3 910D American
Ethnic Literature
H3 911D Literature
And Gender
H3 912 Survey Of
British Literature I
H3 913 Survey Of
British Literature II
H3 916 Survey Of
[National] Literature I

H4 900 Introduction
To Philosophy
H4 901 History Of
Philosophy I
H4 904 Ethics
H5 901 Foundational
Religious Texts

H5 905 Religion In
American Society
H9 900 Interdisciplinary

L1 900 General
Education Biology
L1 900L General
Education Biology
L1 902 Animals And
L1 904 Human Biology

M1 900 College-Level

M1 902 General
Education Statistics

M1 904

M1 905 Discrete
M1 906 Finite
P1 900 General
Education Physics
P1 900L General
Education Physics
P1 902 General
Education Chemistry

P1 902L General
Education Chemistry

P1 903 Chemistry
And Society
P1 909 Physical
P9 900 General
Physical Science
S1 901N Intro to
Cultural Anthropology
S2 900 United States
History I
S2 901 United States
History II
S3 901 Principles Of Macroeconomics

S3 902 Principles Of Microeconomics

S5 900 American/U.S.
National Government I
S5 902 American/U.S.
State And Local Gov't
S5 903 Principles Of
Political Science
S5 904N International
S5 904N

S5 905 Comparative
S6 900 General
Psychology I
S6 904 Childhood And
Adolescent Psychology
S7 900 Introduction
To Sociology
S7 901 Social Problems
S7 902 Marriage And
S7 903D Racial And
Ethnic Relations
S8 900 Social Psychology
RHET 101
Argumentative Writing
RHET 102
Research Writing
RHET 110
Basic Speech Communications
MUSI 200
Music Appreciation
MUSI 204
Music History I
MUSI 205
Music History II
FNAR 100
Art Appreciation
FNAR 203
Ancient & Medieval Art
FNAR 204
Renaissance to Modern
COMM 250
Masters of American Cinema
COMM 251
History of Film
FREN 202
Intermed French II
SPAN 202
Intermed Spanish II
HIST 101
Western Civ to 1715
HIST 102
Western Civ since 1715
LITR 100
Intro Literary Analysis
LITR 267
Studies in Poetry
LITR 265
LITR 259 Western
Literature in Translation
LITR 264
Non-Western Literature
LITR 279
American Ethnic Litr
LITR 281
Gender & Literature
LITR 257
British Literature I
LITR 258
British Literature II
SPAN 220
Intro to Spanish Lit
SPAN 221
Intro Contp Latin Am Lit
PHIL 110
Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 120
Greek Philosophy
PHIL 240 General Ethics
RELS 150
Introduction to the Bible
RELS 155
New Testament
RELS 285
Religion in America
HUMN 220
Mediterranean World
HUMN 230
Baptism of Europe
HUMN 240
Converging Hemispheres
BIOL 108
Principles of Biology
Principles of Biology Lab
BIOL 106
Animal Kingdom
Impact of Nutrition
MATH 210
Calculus w/Analytics I
MATH 211
Calculus with Analytics II
MATH 212
Calculus with Analytics III
ECON 150 Statistics I
PLSC 150 Statistics I
PSYC 150 Statistics I
SOCL 150 Statistics I
MATH 108
Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 240
Discrete Math
MATH 115
Finite Mathematics II
PHYS 113
General Physics I
PHYS 114
General Physics Lab I
CHEM 101
Introduction to Chemistry
CHEM 113
General Chemistry I
CHEM 102
Intro to Chemistry Lab
CHEM 114
General Chemistry I Lab
BCHM 100
Impact Sci & Tech in Soc
GEOG 101
Physical Geography
PHYS 101
Physical Science
ANTH 200
Cultural Anthropology
HIST 201
Amer Hist to 1865
HIST 202
Amer Hist since 1865
ECON 101
Princ of Macroeconomics
ECON 102
Princ of Microeconomics
PLSC 102
American Government
PLSC 201
State & Local Govern
PLSC 100
Princpl of Politics
PLSC 210
Intern'tl Relations
PLSC 101
Global Affairs
PLSC 220
Comparative Politics
PSYC 100
Survey of Psychology
PSYC 200
Childhd & Adolescence
SOCL 100
Principles of Sociology
SOCL 240 Social Problems
SOCL 270
Marriage and Family
SOCL 205
Racial and Ethnic Groups
PSYC 210 Social Psychology
SOCL 210 Social Psychology

Liberal Arts Core Elective List

Arts and Humanities Core (12 hours)

Literature (3 hours):

FREN-311 Introduction to French Literature
GENS-100 Introduction to Gender Studies
LITR-210 Literature and Film
LITR-255 American Literature I
LITR-256 American Literature II
LITR-257 British Literature I
LITR-258 British Literature II
LITR-259 Western Literature in translation
LITR-263 Literature of the Early Modern Period
LITR-264 Emerging Voices: Contemporary Global Literature
LITR-265 Shakespeare
LITR-266 Studies in the Novel
LITR-267 Studies in Poetry
LITR-279 Voices of American Experience
LITR-280 African American Literature
LITR-281 Gender and Literature
SPAN-220 Introduction to Spanish Literature
SPAN-221 Introduction to Contemporary Latin American Literature
SPAN-307 Contemporary Drama in Spain
SPAN-310 Contemporary Latin American Narrative

Philosophy (3 hours):

PHIL-120 Greek Philosophy
PHIL-200 Introduction to Logic
PHIL-205 Philosophy of Human Nature
PHIL-210 Philosophy of Being
PHIL-215 Theory of Knowledge
PHIL-220 Medieval Philosophy
PHIL-225 Contemporary Continental Philosophy
PHIL-230 Contemporary Anglo American Philosophy
PHIL-235 Modern Philosophy
PHIL-240 General Ethics
PHIL-245 Biomedical Ethics
PHIL-250 Business Ethics
PHIL-255 Philosophy of Law
PHIL-260 Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL-285 Topics in Philosophical Exploration of Religion
PHIL-290 History and Philosophy of Science
PHIL-291 Evolution, Creation and God
PHIL-291 Philosophy of Science
PHIL-315 Theory of Knowledge
PHIL-320 Medieval Philosophy
PHIL-325 Contemporary Continental Philosophy
PHIL-330 Contemporary Anglo American Philosophy
PHIL-335 Modern Philosophy
PHIL-355 Philosophy of Law

Religious Studies (3 hours):

RELS-100 Religion and Culture
RELS-120 Eastern Religious Tradition
RELS-130 Western Religious Tradition
RELS-140 World Religions
RELS-150 Introduction to the Bible
RELS-155 New Testament
RELS-160 Jesus Christ
RELS-165 The Church
RELS-170 Early Christianity
RELS-191 African American Religious Experience
RELS-191 African Religious Traditions
RELS-191 Ancient Religions
RELS-191 Christian Monasticism
RELS-191 Psalms and Israelite Worship
RELS-191 The Idea of Christ in Western Culture
RELS-191 Religion and Science
RELS-220 History of Christian Thought I
RELS-221 History of Christian Thought II
RELS-230 Judaism
RELS-235 Islam
RELS-240 Christian Worship
RELS-250 Christian Ethics
RELS-265 Eastern Christianity
RELS-285 Religion in America
RELS-291 Women in Hebrew Scriptures
RELS-291 Medieval Christianity

Fine Arts (3 hours):

COMM-250 Masters in American Cinema
COMM-251 History of Film
COMM-256 International Film
COMM-316 Advanced Television Production
FNAR-100 Art Appreciation
FNAR-101 Fundamentals of Design
FNAR-102 Sculpture: Clay Modeling
FNAR-111 Drawing
FNAR-120 Lettering and Layout - Foundational
FNAR-121 Lettering and Layout - Italic
FNAR-203 Art History I
FNAR-204 Art History II
FNAR-250 Oil Painting
FNAR-305 Advanced Painting
FNAR-311 Advanced Drawing
LITR-269 Introduction to Creative Writing
MUSI-200 Music Appreciation
MUSI-204 Music Literature
MUSI-207 World Music
MUSI-208 Women in Music

Natural Science Core (9 hours)

Biological Sciences (3 hours):

BCHM-100 Impact of Science and Technology on Society
BCHM-261 Principles of Biochemistry (BIOL-261)
BIOL-101 Introduction to Ornamental Horticulture & Lab
BIOL-106 Animal Kingdom
BIOL-108 Principles of Biology
BIOL-109 Principles of Biology Lab
BIOL-150 Biology of Women
NRHL-100 Topics in Health Care
NTSC-111 Contemporary Biology
NTSC-112 Contemporary Physical Science
NTSC-151 Natural Science Interdisciplinary Laboratory I
NTSC-152 Natural Science Interdisciplinary Laboratory II
NUTR-100 Impact of Nutrition
NUTR-241 General Nutrition
SOCL-213 Health Aspects of Aging (NRHL-213)

Physical Sciences (3 hours):

CHEM-101 Introduction to Chemistry
CHEM-102 Introduction to Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM-103 Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
CHEM-104 Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry Laboratory
CHEM-107 Chemistry: An Experimental Science
CHEM-113 General Chemistry I
CHEM-114 General Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM-115 General Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM-125 General Chemistry II Laboratory
CHEM-123 General Chemistry II
CHEM-124 General Chemistry II Laboratory
GEOG-105 Earth Science (PHYS-105, ENVS-105)
NTSC-151 Natural Science Interdisciplinary Laboratory I
NTSC-152 Natural Science Interdisciplinary Laboratory II
NTSC-153 Natural Science Interdisciplinary Laboratory III
NTSC-154 Natural Science Interdisciplinary Laboratory IV
PHYS-101 Physical Science
PHYS-113 General Physics I
PHYS-114 General Physics I Laboratory
PHYS-118 General Physics II
PHYS-205 Experimental Physics I
PHYS-211 Physics I
PHYS-212 Physics II


CMSC-120 Problem Solving with Computers
CMSC-200 Computer Programming
CIS-127 Information Technology in Management
CIS-180 Introduction to Information Systems
CIS-200 Computer Programming (CMSC-200)
MATH-112 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers
MATH-115 Business Calculus
MATH-170 Introduction to Calculus
MATH-210 Calculus with Analytics I

Social Sciences Core (9 hours)

Psychology/Sociology (3 hours):

PSYC-100 Survey of Psychology
PSYC-210 Social Psychology (SOCL-210)
SOCL-100 Principles of Sociology

Economics/Business (3 hours):

ECON-100 Introduction to Economics
ECON-101 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON-102 Principles of Microeconomics
FINA-220 Personal Finance
INTB-320 Area Studies (ECON-320)
MGT-300 Management
MKTG-310 Consumer Behavior

Political Science/Anthropology (3 hours):

ANTH-200 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH-208 Economic and Cultural Geography of Developing Countries
ANTH-210 Peoples and Cultures of World Regions
ANTH-283 Latin American Cultural and Environmental Geography
ANTH-292 Business Anthropology
ANTH-309 People, Culture and Environment
PLSC-100 Principles of Politics
PLSC-101 Global Affairs
PLSC-102 American Government
PLSC-105 Law and Politics
PLSC-210 Introduction to International Relations
PLSC-215 Model United Nations
PLSC-220 Comparative Politics

The information contained on this page is from the 2003-2004 Undergraduate Catalog and is valid until August 1, 2004.

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