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Course Information
The courses listed in this catalog have a special numbering system designed to aid in course selection and registration. Each course number consists of several parts. The first of these is a four letter department/ program identification (i.e. MATH).
The second may have the letter "S" to designate those basic skills courses which do not fulfill core requirements; or the letter "C" to designate core elective courses; or the letter "T" to designate non-western courses required for teacher certification candidates.
The third part of the designation is the level indicator and the particular number of the course within a given level. The interpretation of the numeric part of the designation is:
  • 000-099    Developmental, not included in the 120 hours required for graduation.
  • 100-199    Introductory courses requiring no previous knowledge at the university level nor any skills beyond those ordinarily expected of a university preparatory secondary school graduate.
  • 200-299    Intermediate level courses requiring prior university level knowledge or skills beyond those ordinarily expected of a university preparatory secondary school graduate.
  • 300-399    Advanced level courses requiring knowledge, sophistication or skills ordinarily expected of university students who have completed two years of academic work.
100-, 200-, 300-level courses whose second and third digits run from 90 to 99 are experiences of a more independent or specialized nature, such as topics, special topics, seminars, research, theses, practicums and internships.
After the level and sequence numbers are the credit hours (in parentheses) for the course. Variable credit courses have a dash indicating minimum and maximum course credit. In the registration schedule the course number is followed by a section letter. Certain sections have restricted enrollment:
  • W - for Adult Program students on the weekends
  • Z - for Adult Program students in the evenings

Example: HIST-303(3) is an advanced level history course, number 303, offering three credit hours.

If a course has a prerequisite listed, it is the student's responsibility to determine that he/she has taken it, or has seen the instructor regarding a suitable equivalent. (Note that some prerequisites have their own prerequisites.) Many courses also have a projected schedule as to when they will next be offered. The schedule is subject to change.

Please note the following: In some cases where laboratory experiences are listed as separate courses, co-registration may be required in both lecture and lab. In other cases, co-registration in the lab experience is not required. The course description in this catalog will indicate whether co-registration is required.

The information contained on this page is from the 2005-2006 Undergraduate Catalog and is valid until August 1, 2006.

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