Purpose and Goals

The Center for Mission and Identity was created to promote and operationalize Benedictine characteristics and values in all facets of campus life while embracing the Catholic intellectual tradition from which they are derived. The purpose of the Center is:

  • To communicate common understandings of Benedictine values, Catholic characteristics and pedagogical integration of those elements to the general faculty.
  • To maintain elements of Catholic identity throughout the institution as presented in Ex corde Ecclesiae.
  • To develop common terms and understandings of the values set forth by the Association of Benedictine Colleges and Universities (ABCU).
  • To garner and study faculty and student views regarding the integration of religious beliefs and the curriculum.
  • To provide a variety of activities and programs to enhance the university’s Catholic and Benedictine identity.

The Center for Mission and Identity endeavors to:

  • Continue the tradition and mission set by the Benedictine monks of St. Procopius Abbey, and to engage in teaching and scholarship in Catholic and Benedictine traditions.
  • Deepen, enrich, and invigorate the faith of the university’s Catholic community.
  • Integrate Catholic and Benedictine tradition into pedagogy, curriculum, and student life including dialogue between faith and reason as is prescribed in Ex corde Ecclesiae.
  • Nurture a culture of lifelong learning, responsible leadership, and social engagement within the entire university community.
  • Provide resources for the understanding of the Catholic intellectual tradition.
  • Educate the faculty and staff on Catholic values as they pertain to research, teaching, ethics, interdisciplinary themes, development, social justice, environmental stewardship, internationalism/globalization, and universal humanism.
  • Foster an environment for interreligious dialogue while reinforcing our Catholic and Benedictine heritage, illustrating how different faith perspectives influence human knowledge.
  • Counsel and advise the university community on mission-related issues.
  • Provide an infrastructure to support CMI staff effectiveness, improve relationships within and out of the university community, enhance communication and service, and enhance efficiency and effectiveness of programming and communication.
  • Encourage quality assessment of programs aligned with the CMI mission.


Alicia Cordoba Tait, D.M.A
Assistant to the President
for Mission Integration
Director, Center for Mission and Identity

Phone: (630) 829-6324
e-mail: cmi@ben.edu
5700 College Road Lisle IL, 60532