The Engaging the Mission Orientation Program is a series of seminars and roundtable discussions designed to orient new employees – faculty, staff and administrators – to the Benedictine University organization. The intent of the program is to empower university employees with the tools necessary to engage, promote, and live the university mission in their everyday work. Topical focus changes on a monthly basis. Seminars (with pre-readings and discussion questions) and Conversatio Roundtable Discussions (scholarly presentation of seminar topic with discussion) are led by a facilitator or co-facilitators well-versed in the Catholic Benedictine tradition. Both sessions are geared toward empowering employees with the knowledge of our Benedictine mission, values, and hallmarks, and the Catholic intellectual tradition in order to more effectively learn about our Catholic Benedictine identity. These sessions help employees develop professionally and grow personally and spiritually while working at Benedictine University.

  1. Connect the hiring for mission policy and employee orientation to our University mission, vision and institutional commitment statements.
  2. Help employees gain a better understanding of what distinguishes us as a Catholic and Benedictine institution of higher education.
  3. Enrich the workplace by empowering University community members with information and tools needed to better serve the University mission and, as a consequence, enrich the student experience.
  4. Develop a stronger, more engaged, mission-focused institutional culture through seminars that discuss topics that relate the University mission to operations – both academic and service.
  5. Instill a desire for further and more intense mission integration in the workplace, the curriculum and professional development.




Peter A. Huff, Ph.D.
Chief Mission Officer
Professor of Theology
Neff Alumni Center
Phone: (630) 829-6664

Rev. David Turner, OSB, Ph.D., D.Min
Special Asst. to the President
for University History and Missions
Phone: (630) 829-6245