Leadership in Mission Opportunities

Engaging the Mission Seminars and Conversatio Round Table Discussions

For the 2015-2016 academic year, the Center for Mission and Identity is introducing a new “Engaging the Mission Seminar,” which will take place the second Thursday of each month from 4:30-6:15 P.M. These seminar events are designed to empower university employees with the tools necessary to engage, promote, and live the university mission in their everyday work. The topical focus will change on a monthly basis. Seminars and discussions will be led by an appropriate facilitator well-versed in the Benedictine tradition. Seminars will have required pre-readings specifically selected to empower our employees with knowledge of our Benedictine mission, values, and hallmarks, and the Catholic intellectual tradition.

After an application and review process, up to 20 faculty and staff members will receive a small stipend ($500 each) to attend all the seminars for the duration of the year, and then attend associated Conversatio roundtable discussions the very next day (second Friday of each month from 3:00-4:30 P.M.) to engage and communicate with the rest of the campus community regarding what was learned the previous night. Participants will also participate in a capstone mission-related workshop at the end of the year at the annual Benedictine Pedagogy Conference, which we will be hosting on the Lisle campus May 26-28, 2016. In this workshop, participants will formulate a plan for how they will utilize their newly gained knowledge to develop ways to intentionally integrate the University mission in their work area, whether academic or service-related. In the end, the hope is to inspire or re-inspire our workforce to embrace the Catholic and Benedictine traditions and put them into daily practice on the job, and to empower community members with appropriate mindsets for future potential leadership roles. The goal is for these events to run for years to come, gradually enabling a significant portion of our community to participate.

A link containing a detailed description and outline for these events can be found below. Contact program organizers Dr. Tim Marin (tmarin@ben.edu) or Dr. Alicia Cordoba Tait (atait@ben.edu) for further information.

Read the "Engaging the Mission Seminars and Conversatio Round Table Discussions 2015-2016" Session Outlines

For additional information, go to the Library's CMI - Engaging the Mission Research Guide page for links to the required readings.



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