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Benedictine University's Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)/Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.) Program in Values-Driven Leadership is the first of its kind, specifically designed for senior leaders committed to using the creativity and discipline of business to:

  • Create short-term and long-term stakeholder value
  • Enrich people's live and help others thrive
  • Produce products and services that benefit society
  • Contribute to the health, sustainability, and flourishing of the planet

The program offers a unique combination of research, theory, practice and action-based learning to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to lead strategically and have a transformative impact on business and society.

The program is designed to be completed in three years and is tailored to meet the exacting standards and demanding schedules of senior leaders who work full-time. To accommodate those who commute from around the globe, classes are held once a month on weekends and during an annual 8-day intensive.

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The Ph.D./D.B.A. program in Values-Driven Leadership will accept applications for Cohort 4 beginning on April 1, 2016. (Classes for Cohort 4 begin in April 2017.) A new cohort of students begins every two years. The deadline for applications is November 1, 2016. Applications received after that date will be considered as space is available. 

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Please contact Kendra Adeszko at or (630) 829-6225 for more information or to request an application packet.

The Ph.D./D.B.A. curriculum integrates psychological, sociological, organizational and economic perspectives on responsible leadership in today's global context. Students draw from their experience, action-learning initiatives, the latest research, and spirited dialogue with faculty and distinguished visiting scholars and executives.

Courses within the program explore three areas of study: global leadership, strategic change, and corporate sustainability.

In addition to these three areas of study, students learn the research methods they need to complete their dissertation research. All courses challenge our executive students to expand their capacity to lead boldly at four levels:

1)      Personally: grow as a values-driven leader

2)      Interpersonally: develop others and build great teams

3)      Organizationally: build flourishing companies

4)      Globally: make a transformative impact on business and society

The program is fully-accredited and offered by the Center for Values-Driven Leadership (CVDL) in the College of Business at Benedictine University.

For a complete list of courses, please visit our detailed curriculum overview.

Faculty members at the Center for Values-Driven Leadership bring substantial business experience to the classroom along with decades of rigorous academic research and study. For a complete list of program faculty, please visit our faculty and staff page.

Visiting Scholars and Business Leaders

Visiting distinguished faculty and executives from leading institutions teach side by side with the program's core faculty in the Ph.D./D.B.A. program in values-driven leadership. This exposes the cohort to the latest theories in leadership, sustainability, and organizational change while equipping students to have marketplace impact.

"Global scholars value the opportunity to interact with the program's exceptional students. As one distinguished visiting scholar reported, "I can't get the experience of Benedictine out of my mind. I think that something very special is going on in the values-driven leadership program. I know of no other program like it. I enjoyed every aspect of the weekend. It was incredibly stimulating to be around such highly motivated professionals who are intellectually curious and operating on a high level of moral reasoning." -Diane Swanson, Ph.D., Professor of Management and Edgerley Family Chair in Business Administration at Kansas State University

Read more about our distinguished visiting scholars and business leaders by clicking this link. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that starting a doctoral program is a significant commitment, especially for busy executives. To learn more about the program, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Contact Kendra Adeszko at or (630) 829-6225 for more information or to request an application packet.

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The Center for Values-Driven Leadership helps executives develop themselves and others, build flourishing companies, and transform business and society. We do this through our research, education, and consulting practice.

In addition to our Ph.D./D.B.A. program in Values-Driven Leadership for senior executives, the Center offers education opportunities including Senior Executive Round-tables featuring global thought leaders as keynote speakers. Our research partnership with the Small Giants Community explores the link between culture and profit. Learn more at faculty and staff also work with companies across the United States to provide customized learning and development experiences to meet the strategic needs of an organization. 

Learn more about the Center, and our Mission, Vision, and Values, at

Our doctoral program is designed for senior leaders shaping the world of business. To learn more, visit the Center's website today.

Please contact Kendra Adeszko at or (630) 829-6225 for more information or to request an application packet.

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