Business Analytics - Adult Undergraduate
Business Analytics - Adult Undergraduate

The program curriculum is structured in cohort groups of four terms, with each term consisting of 10 week and 5 week periods of instruction.

Admission requirements:

  • Minimum age of 22 years
  • Minimum 2 years of work experience
  • Minimum of 60 semester credit hours of transferable college credit
Demand for Business Analytics Skills

Demand for employees with analytical skills combined with a foundation in business fundamentals continues to grow rapidly, and Benedictine is helping to fill the gap that exists today and into the future. Now is the right time to pursue a career in business analytics as the industry is expanding at an unprecedented rate and the demand for employees with analytical skills in the business world continues to rise.

What is Business Analytics?

Business analytics is the practice of investigating and analyzing business performance data to gain insights and improve decisions. The process involves identifying pertinent data sources, preparing the data for analysis, exploring and analyzing the data to identify trends, and presenting the results to management in a simple manner using visualization techniques.

What Role Does Business Analytics Play in the Business World?

Business analytics plays a major role in transforming data into action no matter the type and size of the organization. The figure below provides a visual representation of the role of business analytics in the business world.

Why Major in Business Analytics at Benedictine University?

When you choose the Business Analytics major at Benedictine, you will receive:

  • Coursework in specific analytics-related topics, such as visualization techniques, decision dashboards, web intelligence, and data and text mining.
  • A thorough understanding of how business analytics is applied to managerial decisions.
  • Hands-on experience with business intelligence software programs used in today's businesses that do not require computer programming or an emphasis in math or statistics.
  • Opportunities to participate in the College of Business Internship Program and develop projects in the Institute for Business Analytics and Visualization.
BBA in Business Analytics Requirements Summary for Freshman and Transfer Students
Total Semester Credit Hours Needed for Graduation 120
     General Education Refer to the General Education requirements section of the course catalog for specific course requirements.
     Department Core 30  
     Major Specialization Requirements 9  
     Major Specialization Electives 9  
     Cognates 9  
Total Major Requirements 57  

Department Core Requirements
(30 semester credit hours)
Course Number Course Title Semester Credit Hours
ACCT 111 Accounting I 3
ACCT 112 Accounting II 3
BALT 301 Managerial Decision Making Under Uncertainty 3
ECON 101 Microeconomics 3
ECON 102 Macroeconomics 3
FINA 300 Managerial Finance 3
MGT 150 Statistics I 3
MKTG 300 Marketing 3
MGT 300 Management 3
MGT 380 Strategic Management 3

Major Specialization Requirements
(9 semester credit hours)
Course Number Course Title Semester Credit Hours
BALT 300 Introduction to SAS for Business Analytics 3
BALT 320 Data & Text Mining 3
BALT 330 Database Structures & Queries 3

Major Electives
9 semester credit hours are required in the major or closely related courses. Allowable courses are listed below.
Course Number Course Title Semester Credit Hours
BALT 310 Data Visualization and Dashboarding 3
BALT 315 Advanced Visualization Techniques 3
BALT 318 Infographics for Business 3
BALT 325 Lean Six Sigma for Operational Excellence 3
BALT 340 Web Analytics 3
BALT 350 Business Process Management & Modeling 3
BALT 360 Social Network Analysis 3
BALT 370 Introduction to GIS for Business Analysis 3
FINA 330 Predictive Analytics I 3
MGT 347 Project Management 3

Department Cognates
Course Number Course Title Semester Credit Hours
BALT 240 Excel for Mere Mortals 3
MATH 115 Business Calculus 3
MGT 252 or
PHIL 245 (recommended)
Ethics 3
Digital Marketing
  • MKTG 345: Introduction to Web Analysis, 3 credits
  • MKTG 347: Social Media Marketing, 3 credits
  • MKTG 348: Content Development & Search Engine Optimization, 3 credits
  • MKTG 349: Search Engine Marketing, 3 credits
Integrated Marketing Communications
  • MKTG 330: Promotional Strategy, 3 credits
  • MKTG 333: Personal Selling & Sales Management, 3 credits
  • MKTG 334: Ecommerce, 3 credits
  • GAD 260 Graphic Design I or COMM 263: Advertising Copywriting, 3 credits
Managing Human Resources
  • MGT 330: Human Resource Management, 3 credits
  • MGT 334: Training and Development, 3 credits
  • MGT 335: Compensation and Performance Management, 3 credits
  • MGT 235: Business Law or MGT 320: Organizational Behavior, or MGT 302: International Management, 3 credits
Operations Management
  • BALT 325: Lean Six Sigma for Opernational Excellence or INTB 340: Global Logistics, 3 credits
  • BALT 350: Busines Process Management & Modeling, 3 credits
  • MGT 235: Business Law, 3 credits
  • MGT 333: Operations Management, 3 credits
Sports Management
  • MGT 305: Introduction to Sports Culture in America, 3 credits
  • MKTG 305: Sports Marketing, 3 credits
  • Two courses from: MGT 235: Business Law I or MGT 297: Internship, or MGT 301: Entrepreneurship, 6 credits
Sports Marketing
  • MGT 305: Introduction to Sports Culture in America, 3 credits
  • MKTG 305: Sports Marketing, 3 credits
  • Two courses from: MKTG 297: Internship, or MKTG 330: Promotional Strategy, or INTB 371: International Negotiations, 6 credits
Visualization Techniques
  • BALT 315: Advanced Visualization Techniques, 3 credits
  • BALT 318: Infographics for Business, 3 credits
  • BALT 370: Introduction to GIS for Business Analysis, 3 credits
  • GAD 260: Graphic Design I, 3 credits
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