Physical Education

Studies have shown that an active lifestyle is directly related to a longer, healthier life. The Physical Education program at Benedictine University imparts an understanding of the positive impact of a healthy lifestyle and an appreciation for daily physical activity. It addresses the significant health problems young people face today in the area of exercise, obesity, nutrition and knowledge of healthful living.

Benedictine University’s Physical Education program is designed for students who want to be on the forefront on new thinking and practices in the field of physical education. It is based on PE4Life®, which emphasizes assessment of the individual student and an individualized program of exercise and healthful living designed to develop that student’s physical functioning. Students benefit from Benedictine’s outstanding reputation in teacher education, and the strengths of our programs in Exercise Physiology, Nutrition and Health.

Students who major in Physical Education at Benedictine University have access to one of the premier exercise physiology laboratories in the Midwest within the Birck Hall of Science. They also have access to Benedictine’s training facilities in the Dan and Ada Rice Center and the Village of Lisle-Benedictine University Sports Complex.

Physical education contributes to the physical, emotional, mental and social development of the individual, and reflects the Benedictine value of a life lived in balance.

How does the program work?

When you major in Physical Education at Benedictine University, you will follow a four-year plan of liberal arts and education courses. You will become grounded in the relevant basic sciences and developmental physical activities. All students will be required to complete field experiences throughout the program in elementary and secondary education school environments.

What careers are available with a degree in Physical Education?

Primarily, a degree in Physical Education prepares a student to become a teacher in an elementary, middle or secondary school environment.

A degree in Physical Education opens the door to a number of exciting and dynamic careers. Graduates can chose a career in recreation, sports coaching, corporate fitness and wellness consulting. Students with a degree in Physical Education can pursue graduate studies in exercise physiology or community health.

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