Course of Study

Course Credit Hours
Foundations for Research and Inquiry:
HEOC 705 Issues in Higher Education
Students will review major issues and events influencing the history and development of US education. Considerations include its purposes, variety, curriculum, diversity of  students and personnel, governance, oversight, funding, and quality. Particular attention will be directed to current and emerging issues, including global and online developments, which students will analyze and address in the contexts of policy and practice.
HEOC 715 Research Methods
Students will learn quantitative and qualitative methods for conducting meaningful educational enquiry and research. They will gain an overview of research intent and design, methodology and technique, format and  presentation, and data management and analysis informed by commonly used statistical methods. They will review the use of organizational and social  science theory to analyze post-secondary education.
Subtotal Hours: 6
Organizations and their Development:
HEOC 725 Policy, Politics and the Law
Students will study aspects of education law and legal issues particularly pertinent to leadership. They will explore the design, intent, development, function and effect of policy within educational institutions. They will gain appreciation of the roles of political forces, political and governance organizations and other entities involved in policy development.
HEOC 735 Organizational Development, Change, and Innovation
Students will gain an understanding of organizational culture and explore the impact of leadership on the change process. They will explore group evolution, and the transmission and management of cultural change especially in times of increasing diversity. Students will be introduced to frameworks, techniques, and perspectives that expand current beliefs and assumptions about ways to transform practice through a strategically planned process.
HEOC 745 Institutional Planning and Accountability
Students will be introduced to accreditation, assessment, institutional effectiveness and self-study issues and processes. Students will explore some of the challenges related to assessing institutions, academic programs and non-academic programs and support services. They will examine various state, regional, national and international recognition and  accreditation systems and discuss their effectiveness relative to overall improvement and accountability.
HEOC 755 Qualitative Research Methods
Students will study qualitative research design appropriate to doctoral research. Topics include theory and applications with practice in selected qualitative methods, benefits, limitations and use of qualitative design, selection of a design appropriate to the study and procedures for applying the methodology.  Each term.
HEOC 825 Quantitative Research and Mixed Designs
Students will develop an understanding of quantitative and mixed research designs for doctoral work. Topics include quantitative and mixed design theory, applications and benefits, selection of a design appropriate to the study, and procedures for applying the methodologies. Students will be introduced to a statistical package.
Subtotal Hours: 15
Learning and Accountability:
HEOC 765 Organizational Strategy and Student Services
The student body results from both organizational strategy and social forces.  Attracting, admitting, retaining, developing, graduating and tracing its particular students are essential responsibilities of a college. Studies include theories, practices and assessments of student services, especially practices that align services for students with the mission of the college, promote student success and engage them in community. Students will recognize the range and complexity of the organization and delivery of such services, and study best practices that promote institutional mission.
HEOC 775 Emerging Technologies
Technology affects every phase of education, from learning and communicating to MIS, automated procedures and green controls. Students will consider the impact of technology relative to enhancing student learning and engagement and will be introduced to major academic and administrative functions. They will explore commercial and creative applications and their potential. Cost, outsourcing and  infrastructure issues are included.
HEOC 803 Dissertation Seminar: Dissertation Research
Students will focus on internship and dissertation planning. They will explore and propose internship opportunities and outcomes. They will develop focus statements for their dissertations, with a draft of possible outcomes, plan for dissertation committee members, identify possible research designs, and develop plans for the literature review.
HEOC 805 Curriculum Planning and Evaluation
Students will be introduced to processes for planning, implementing and evaluating curriculum in higher education institutions, including the particular needs of community colleges. They will examine the social, philosophical and historical roots of curriculum planning and development in higher education and explore assessment and evaluation practices that ensure program quality.
HEOC 815 Teaching and Learning
Students will gain a perspective on the impact of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in post-secondary education. They will be introduced to current research in higher education in the areas of instructional methodologies and will gain an understanding of teaching and learning as a field of study. Students will become familiar with leading researchers and their work and will explore best practices that reflect the norms, tools and conventions that have remained current within this area of inquiry.
Subtotal Hours: 15
Administering and Accountability:
HEOC 835 Financial Management and Budgets
Students will study the structure of college budgets and accounting and audit issues for annual budgets; the course requires investigation of financial analysis, capital management, investments and risk analysis with the purpose of developing skills necessary for sustaining institutional quality and growth.
HEOC 855 Personnel, Performance and Accountability
Students will study practices in human resource management with a focus on how to attract and retain talent, develop and work through teams, and require optimum performance in both organized and right to work environments. Basic topics include hiring and orientation, performance evaluation including tenure reviews, discipline, and separation. Special topics will include communications, faculty and staff development, incident management, wellness, diversity and succession planning.
HEOC 865 Management of Change
In this course, students will demonstrate application of the learnings gained throughout the EdD program by studying how leaders manage change to create agile and responsive organizations.  We will analyze the forces that drive institutions to change, examine impediments to change, and review a range of approaches for effectively leading institutional change.  The objectives of this course allow for exploration of what is known and what is not known about institutional transformation, for developing a framework for understanding the processes, and for exploring the implications for leading institutions in the future.  HEOC 865 further develops students' understanding of change processes by providing them with the scholar-practitioner approach for exploring new and innovative ways of decision making.
HEOC 875 Dissertation Seminar: Proposal Defense
Successful completion of this course is required before enrollment in the third year of the Ed.D. program. Students will work with faculty advisors to prepare and present draft dissertation proposals to faculty and peers for discussion and revision. Final proposals will be submitted to the doctoral committee for approval, following which students will be advanced to candidacy status.
Subtotal Hours: 12
Total Semester Hours for Coursework:
HEOC 885 Internship

The internship may be completed at any time after the first eight courses. The internship is competency based, not time bound. The Internship consists of two requirements:

  1. Each student will complete the following:
    • Each candidate will identify, propose and complete an internship in which he/she will apply material and knowledge pertinent to current study and future professional plans.
    • The student will submit an internship plan for approval. The plan will identify the placement, mentor and objectives. Assessment of the internship will include a report, self assessment, mentor assessment and faculty assessment of the experience, materials developed and gains in learning.
    • Details are available in the Ed.D. Internship Handbook.
  2. Each student will also complete the following:
    • A certificate or a training course in any one of the following skills. The student will make arrangements independently, with guidance from the University and with final University approval. All courses of study are available online. In some cases additional fees may apply.
      • Incident Management
      • Quality management
      • Ethics
    • Attendance at one American Council on Education (ACE) Annual Meeting. ACE is considered the premier professional organization in higher education. ACE is comprised of academic leaders poised to affect change and respond to current trends impacting higher education. This body keeps its members apprised of critical information and provides a forum for discussing these major issues. ACE provides leadership and serves as the voice of its members relative to public policy matters in Washington, DC, and across the nation.
    • Participation in at least two weekend lecture seminars scheduled by and at Benedictine University in Lisle, IL.
HEOC 895 Dissertation
Students will successfully complete their dissertations under the direction of dissertation advisors. Each student is expected to complete a rigorous and robust study of a current trend, issue, organizational or educational intervention, or educational inquiry that results in a professional body of knowledge that can be applied in the field of higher education. The student's research and writing will be reviewed on an on-going basis by the advisor.
Total Semester Hours for Program:
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