RN to BSN Program

Prerequisites and Baccalaureate Credit Options


  • WRIT 101 and WRIT 102 - must be completed prior to admission
  • MATH 150/PSYC 150 Introduction to Statistics – must be completed prior to admission (Effective August 2014)
  • SPCH 110 Speech Communication
  • CHEM 101 Introduction to Chemistry I
  • BIOL 203 Human Anatomy
  • BIOL 258 and BIOL 259 Human Physiology and Lab
  • BIOL 208 General Microbiology
  • PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology
  • SOCL 100 Introduction to Sociology
  • PHIL 245 General Ethics
  • Developmental Psychology or Lifespan
  • 6 semesters hours of IAI Humanities (in addition to ethics)
  • MATH 105 Finite Mathematics, MATH 108 Quantitative Literacy or MATH 110 College Algebra (for 3+1 Partner students ONLY)

Students will be admitted to the RN to BSN Program on the condition that all prerequisite courses are completed prior to enrolling in the Benedictine nursing courses and/or have an approved Academic Plan on file with their academic advisor within one month following notification of Program Admission. (Effective August 2014)

3+1 partner applicants may visit the program page for general information and admissions criteria. (Potential partner applicants would be ADN graduates from College of DuPage and Morton College)

Community College Transfer Guides can be found here.

Baccalaureate Credit Options

For students required to complete up to 18 hours of upper division baccalaureate credit in addition to the 37 credits in the RN to BSN Program, here are a few suggestions:

  • Take up to three Excelsior multiple choice exams for 8 credits each. Cost is $350 per exam. Exams need to be completed with a "C" or better. For information visit the Excelsior College website.  Click on the "Credit by Exam" tab/UExcel button/1.Choose Your Exam/Nursing.  From there, the drop down menu will list the three exams that we accept for credit.
    Exams accepted include:
    • NURX-310 Adult Nursing
    • NURX-315 Maternal and Child Nursing (Baccalaureate)
    • NURX-320 Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing
  • NRHL 395 Nursing Elective. Options that may be available to students are earning 1-3 credits for Independent Study and/or through portfolio presentation documenting prior Work/Life Experience. Both options allow for earning up to 3 credits, consistent with the Benedictine University policy described in the catalog. The prerequisite for Independent Study is completion of NRHL 330: Nursing Scholarship:  Role of Research in Evidence Based Practice. The prerequisite for credit for Work/Life Experience is admission into the RN to BSN Program.  Consent of Program Coordinator or Director is required.

  • RN to BSN to MSN Academic Progression Bridge. Qualified RN to BSN students may enroll in up to 12 semester hours of credit in the Benedictine University MSN core courses at the current RN to BSN tuition rate. The student is required to earn a "B" or better in all MSN courses in order to continue in the Academic Progression Bridge. Courses are 100% online, 3 credits, and 8 weeks long. Course options are NRHL 381-386. Odd numbered courses are offered the first session of each semester and even numbered courses are offered the second session of each semester.

    Eligibility includes:
    • Current Illinois licensure as a Registered Nurse
    • Completion of NRHL 370, NRHL 371, IDS 201, and IDS 301
    • Cumulative GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale
    • Recommendation from a full-time Benedictine University Department of Nursing and Health faculty member
    • Need for elective credit to fulfill the 120 semester hour requirement or 55 baccalaureate semester hour requirement for BSN completion
    • Meeting with the nursing advisor to complete RN to BSN Plan of Study
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