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At Benedictine University, we concern ourselves with the success of our students. Our preceptors are field-based mentors providing guidance as students learn through observation of experts and by practicing professional skills. Undergraduate students may register for optional practica and graduate dietetic students complete field-based internship experiences. We strive to provide you with the best educational experience possible. We engage in continuous quality improvement of all aspects of the curriculum, soliciting and adapting experiences as appropriate based on professional trends, student development needs and wants, preceptor evaluations, etc.

Field Assessments

Dietetic Internship program preceptors evaluate student learning using some of the following forms:

  • Preceptors assess the degree of clinical competencies achieved by dietetic interns during the rotation using the following form:
  • Preceptors, as well as other supervisory personnel and dietitians in attendance, evaluate the skill level of the dietetic intern in delivering presentations during the rotation using the following form: Presentation Evaluation form (PDF)Counseling skills demonstrated by the dietetic intern are evaluated by the preceptor using the following form:
  • Preceptors complete an evaluation of the dietetic intern at the end of Staff Relief using the following form:
  • Preceptors assess the dietetic intern informally throughout each rotation, and summatively for that rotation by completing the Dietetic Intern Evaluation form, assessing the progress on general knowledge and skill levels of the dietetic intern. Dietetic interns also use a similar form for self-assessment (refer to 3rd option below).
    1. Dietetic Intern Evaluation (by Preceptor) form (PDF)
    2. Dietetic Intern Evaluation (by Preceptor) form (web form; type online and print)
    3. Dietetic Intern Self-Evaluation form (web form; type online and print)

Dietetic Interns provide Productivity Reports, demonstrating how their onsite time is spent. These reports supply some of the data for the Dietetic Internship Annual Report.

Dietetic interns are evaluated frequently throughout the internship program.

Dietetic interns evaluate their field experience using the Form for Site and Rotation Evaluation. This should be submitted to the Dietetic Internship Director.

Preceptors of graduate students enrolled in the M.S. in Nutrition and Wellness program (who are not in the Dietetic Internship concentration) evaluate student learning using some of the following forms:

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