Center for Civic Leadership 

Public Service Fellows


The Center for Civic Leadership's Public Service Fellows program prepares students for careers in public service.  This initiative is made available to a select group of highly motivated students nominated by faculty based on their academic records and leadership potential.

The program enables fellows to:

  • qualify for public service scholarships during their years of undergraduate study;
  • engage in semester-long internships in government and public law;
  • participate in service learning;
  • engage in simulations including Mock Trial, Model United Nations, and Model Illinois Government; and
  • attend classes and seminars on leadership and public service.
  • interact directly with guests and speakers that visit Benedictine University.

As the Center for Civic Leadership continues to develop its Youth Government and Symposium events, the Public Service Fellows will continue to play key roles in developing simulations, coordinating events with keynote speakers, identifying future speakers, assisting with event logistics, and much more.