Department of Communication Arts

The Major in Bilingual Journalism

A distinctive interdisciplinary program, the major in Bilingual Journalism is designed to prepare students for careers in the Hispanic-American mass media. Experienced faculty from the Spanish and Communication Arts programs provide necessary training in both disciplines, offering coursework that focuses on such skills as writing and publishing stories for magazines and newspapers, conducting on-air interviews, and producing a variety of media materials in Spanish.  Students gain insight into each aspect of the media industry as it relates to Spanish-speaking media and graduate with the experience necessary to pursue careers in journalism, advertising, magazine/newspaper editing and reporting, television and broadcasting, and public relations.

Major Requirements

In addition to the University's skills and core requirements, students must complete the following courses with a grade of "C" or better:

Bilingual Journalism (12 semester hours)
    • BIJR 150: Bilingual Journalism
    • BIJR 207: Editing Publications - in Spanish
    • BIJR 337: Advanced Journalism Writing - in Spanish
    • BIJR 353: Advanced Writing, Editing and Page Design for Publications - in Spanish
Communication Arts (15 semester hours)
    • COMM 208: Layout and Design for Publication
    • COMM 209: Newswriting and Reporting
    • COMM 254: Writing for the Electronic Media
    • COMM 255: Television Production
    • COMM 317: Mass Media Law and Ethics
Spanish (18 semester hours)
    • SPAN 211: Intermediate Grammar and Composition
    • SPAN 230: Elements of Spanish Civilization & Culture
    • SPAN 231: Elements of Latin American Culture
    • SPAN 305: Advanced Grammar
    • SPAN 311: Advanced Written Communications
    • SPAN 312: Advanced Oral Communications

It is assumed that students pursuing the major in Bilingual Journalism have achieved proficiency in SPAN 101, SPAN 102, SPAN 201, and SPAN 202. Any major in this program will either have to demonstrate proficiency in these courses or will need to enroll in them.

To view descriptions of the Bilingual Journalism and Communication Arts courses that make up the Bilingual Journalism major, visit the Department's Course Offerings page. To view descriptions of the Spanish courses required to complete the Bilingual Journalism major, visit the Department of Language & Literature's Course Offerings in Spanish page.