Department of Communication Arts

The Major and Minor in Communication Arts

A liberal arts degree that prepares students for careers in the media industry, the Department's program in Communication Arts provides engaging coursework in theory, writing, and print and electronic media, while also offering an array of opportunities for hands-on experience. Students who graduate with a major or a minor in Communication Arts leave Benedictine positioned for success in a number of careers, including advertising, electronic and print media, journalism, and public relations, and publishing, as well as in any field requiring sophisticated communications skills.

To view descriptions of required and elective courses in Communication Arts, visit the Course Offerings page.

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Major Requirements

Students majoring in Communication Arts must complete at least 42 semester hours within the Department with a grade of "C" or better, including the following courses:

  • COMM 150: Introduction to Communication Arts
  • COMM 207: Editing for Publications
  • COMM 208: Layout and Design for Publication
  • COMM 209: Newswriting and Reporting
  • COMM 253: Public Relations Writing
  • COMM 254: Writing for the Electronic Media
  • COMM 255: Television Production
  • COMM 263: Advertising Copywriting
  • COMM 317: Mass Media Law and Ethics
  • COMM 393: Senior Portfolio
  • one 300-level theory course chosen from the following: COMM 385 (Television and Society), COMM 386 (Media and Government), COMM 388 (Studies in Film Theory and Criticism), or COMM 390 (Images of Men and Women in Advertising)
  • one 300-level applied course chosen from the following: COMM 316 (Advanced Television Production), COMM 337 (Advanced Journalism Writing), COMM 353 (Advanced Seminar in Writing, Editing, and Page Design for Publications), or COMM 381 (Multimedia Production for the Web)
  • one additional 300-level communication arts elective (theory or applied)
  • one 200- or 300-level communication arts elective

No more than three internship credit hours may count toward the major.

Prior to graduating, students majoring in Communication Arts are required to submit a portfolio of their work in advertising, journalism, multimedia, public relations and video. This portfolio is the focus of COMM 393.

Minor Requirements

Students wishing to pursue a minor in Communication Arts are required to take at least 21 semester hours of courses in the Department, with a grade of "C" or better. These courses must include the following:

  • one of the following 200-level courses: COMM 207 (Editing for Publications), COMM 209 (Newswriting and Reporting), or COMM 254 (Writing for the Electronic Media) (3 semester hours)
  • COMM 317 (Mass Media Law and Ethics) (3 semester hours)
  • one additional 300-level communication arts elective (3 semester hours)

Areas of focus and concentrations

The Communication Arts major offers areas of focus in journalism, broadcasting and cable, advertising and public relations, and mass media theory and criticism. Students also have the option of pursuing a concentration in Sports Journalism. For more information, contact a member of the Department of Communication Arts faculty.