Department of Communication Arts

The Concentration in Sports Communication

Sports are deeply ingrained in American culture. For many, they are more significant and better understood than international events. The sports section is a key part of most major newspapers and sports are a significant component of every local news broadcast. Americans spend billions of dollars on everything from tickets to sports-endorsed merchandise. Advertisers spend billions of dollars to get their products in front of sports fans. Job opportunities are increasing as new sports gain popularity and television networks include more sports coverage in their programming.

The Communication Arts major with the concentration in Sports Communication enables students with a background or interest in media communications and a special passion for sports to learn about this phenomenon and the impact that it has on the fiber of American society. The concentration helps develop the basic writing, reporting, research, design, and production skills we teach to all Communications Arts majors, with special coursework designed to adapt those skills to the exciting field of sports communications. Students will learn the skills and principles necessary to pursue a variety of career options related to sports information, such as sports writer, sports anchor, sports front office administrator, sports community relations director and athletic director at the high school, college, semi-professional and professional levels.


Communication Arts majors wishing to pursue the concentration in Sports Journalism are not required to take Introduction to Communications (COMM 150) or Advertising Copywriting (COMM 263). Instead, these students take the following courses:

COMM 264 | Sports Journalism
This course is designed for students to adapt skills learned in COMM 209 toward a variety of sports environments and applications. Students will write press releases and do hard news reporting, as well as learn about the inner workings of the sports communication environment. 3 semester hours.

COMM 265 | Sports Broadcasting
Students will apply basic skills learned in COMM 254 and COMM 255 to a variety of video and multimedia applications. Emphasis will be on writing effective sports stories, conducting professional-looking standups, and covering the sports beats on campus. Students will also produce a half-hour sports cable show. 3 semester hours.

COMM 297 | Internship in Sports and Leisure Communication
Practical experience in public relations, electronic media, journalism, advertising or multimedia supervised by the Communication Arts department. Up to 3 internship hours may be applied toward the 39 hour major requirement. Up to 12 hours may apply toward the 120 hours for graduation. Prerequisite: consent of internship coordinator, department chair, and at least 3.0 G.P.A. Course Repeatable. Maximum number of units allowed 12. 2-6 semester hours.

MGT 305 | Introduction to Sports Culture in America
This course introduces students to the business side of sports in America. It provides an overview for the opportunities in the sports and leisure industry. The course emphasizes critical thinking skills. Topics covered include ethics, social concerns and the economic impact of sports and leisure upon America. 3 semester hours.

To view descriptions of the other required and elective courses in the Communication Arts major with the Sports Journalism concentration, visit the Course Offerings page.