Department of Communication Arts

The Major in Writing & Publishing

Specially designed to prepare students for careers in the publishing industry, the major in Writing and Publishing includes coursework in literature, writing, theory, print, and copy editing, with classes offered by both the Department of Communication Arts and the Department of Languages and Literature. Students also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the field by working on University and Department publications like The Candor and The DuPage Valley Review. Upon graduation, Writing and Publishing majors will have the skills and knowledge to pursue careers in advertising, editing, freelance writing, public relations, publishing, and many more fields.

Major requirements

Students majoring in Writing and Publishing must complete 39 hours of courses offered in the Department of Communications Arts and Department of Languages and Literature, with a grade of "C" or better, including the following courses:

  • COMM 207 (Editing for Publications)
  • COMM 208 (Layout and Design for Publication)
  • COMM 209 (Newswriting and Reporting)
  • COMM 253 (Public Relations Writing)
  • COMM 317 (Mass Media Law and Ethics)
  • COMM 353 (Advanced Seminar in Writing, Editing, and Page Design for Publications)
  • LITR 100 (Introduction to Literary Analysis)
  • LITR 263 (Literature of the Early Modern Period)
  • LITR 269 (Introduction to Creative Writing)
  • one of the following diversity courses: LITR 264 (Global/Postcolonial Literature and Theory), LITR 279 (U.S. Multiethnic Literature), LITR 280 (African-American Literature) or LITR 281 (Gender and Literature)
  • one of the following modern literature courses: LITR 362 (Modern Literature) or SPAN 310 (Contemporary Latin American Narrative)
  • one theory elective chosen from the following courses: COMM 385 (Television and Society), COMM 386 (Media and Government), COMM 387 (The Literature of Journalism), COMM 390 (Images of Men and Women in Advertising); LITR 305 (Critical Theory), LITR 381 (Theories of Gender in Literary Analysis).
  • one elective chosen from the following courses: COMM 337 (Advanced Journalism Writing), COMM 381 (Multimedia Production for the Web), LITR 369 (Advanced Creative Writing)

Writing and Publishing majors are also required to complete at least one modern language course at or above the 202-level, or demonstrate proficiency in a modern language by taking a proficiency exam.